How Franchise Management Software Helps This HVAC Business

  • September 20, 2017
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It took several tries before Modern Purair found the franchise management software that was just right for them.

“We had purchased two or three other franchise management solutions and outgrown them very quickly,” says CEO Lane Martin. Like the story of Goldilocks though, Modern Purair has found a solution that is “just right.”

“It’s really helped us as far as customer management and franchise management software, on our back-end,” adds Martin, speaking of the way the master franchise interacts with both Modern’s franchisees and its customers.

Franchise Management Software Equals Time Saved

“The royalty reporting that’s built into the online cloud-based software probably saves us between 25 and 30% in labor costs alone,” says Martin. “Franchise owners and franchise partners love the fact that they can dial into it anywhere in the world. If they’re on vacation in Hawaii like myself when I get to go away, everything is still tracking and the office is available wherever you need it to be, through the internet.”

Managing Multiple Locations is Easy

As an air quality franchise, Modern Purair offers furnace and air duct cleaning, and air quality testing, dryer vent cleaning and more. Modern’s head office monitors the reporting from individual franchises, while franchise owners use the system to manage, schedule and invoice customers for their services.

“We’re operating with existing franchise partners in a much more effective way, cutting administrative costs and boosting productivity,” says Martin. “The system scales seamlessly.”

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Online Booking Creates Competitive Advantage

“We’re up to 30% online booking, which is huge strategically in our industry,” says Martin. “Nobody else can offer true online booking with instant availability and real truck routing.” It’s not just a reduction in office time, but also the convenience for customers that gives them an edge. “”This self-serve model just works. Customers see their options and can book a time that’s convenient for them – so they’re more likely just to schedule it directly than if they had to call in.”

How HVAC Software Can Help Your Business

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