7 Ways a Handyman App Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • September 22, 2017
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Your skills with home repair and maintenance are sharp. Your business is expanding to meet the growing demand for your services. To get the next level, a handyman app might be the perfect tool to help you get there.

1. Improve Your Company Image with a Handyman App

When one of your team visits a customer in the field, they’ll be impressed by the way your company manages your scheduling and sends invoices from a mobile device. Paper-based systems can send the wrong message and don’t have the same air of professionalism.

2. Schedule All of Your Jobs Easier

You’ve built a business that is bigger than yourself. You’ve moved beyond the ability for a simple calendar app to manage your jobs. With all of your jobs plotted on a schedule and sorted by team and skill, you’ll save time and headache by having a clearer picture of your booking and availability.

3. Get More Bookings With an Online Booking Form

Some customers prefer not to make bookings by phone, and consider it more of a hassle to do so. They’ll simply move on to the next search result, and book with the service that offers an online form. You could be that service. You’ll open up a whole new market of customers, and your revenue will see a boost.

4. Save on Administration

Customers are making bookings themselves with online forms, and managers are having an easier time scheduling your days with purpose-built scheduling software. All of that saved time means there’s more room to earn a profit on all of your billings. Better still, your system can scale along with your business. You won’t need to keep filling the office with more admin staff, even if you are hiring more handymen and booking more jobs.

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5. Go Paperless

With your work orders, schedule and even your invoicing all done digitally, your dependence on paper can virtually come to end. Increasingly, there are ways that an office can go entirely paperless. A handyman app will help you eliminate a lot of daily paperwork.

6. Get Paid Faster

Send invoices the very second the job is complete. Include a payment link within the emailed invoice or even process a credit card on-site for instant payment. . Automating the invoicing and payment process for your company will reduce the time it takes to get paid for jobs. That reduction in time will have a profound effect on your cash flow.

7. Get Better Every Day

With a handyman app, you can track all of the activity within your business. How many jobs a team member completes in a day, travel time, when a crew member checks in or out of a job, and a lot more. You can track over 60 different metrics. All of those are opportunities to improve, now that you have a baseline.

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