What Being Paperless Says About Your Service Company

Many business owners don’t make the connection at first that when they improve their behind-the scenes business operations, it can have a positive impact on the front end, branding side of things. Actually, one of the first changes our customers notice when they start using Vonigo is the boost to their brand from going paperless. Typically, the realization hits after the first couple of crews start reporting the customers’ reactions.

Some of our clients have passed along their comments, which you can read below. As you’ll see, being paperless says a lot about your company:

  1. You’re customer-friendly. “That seemed a lot quicker and easier than it used to be.” They can get service, book online and pay bills easily. Also, the customer now has something they can track easily with a device they’ve already got with them, 24/7. Being paperless reminds them that you’re there to simplify their lives, not add more problems.
  2. You run a professional, well-oiled business machine. “You don’t have to send a bunch of paperwork back to your office to get this estimate done? Well, that saves a lot of back and forth.” That’s not just good for customers to know. It’s also good for potential franchisors who want a business that’s already got its systems set up.
  3. You get paid. “I can pay this here, with you? Oh, I see all the services you did are tabulated right there on your iPad. Well, that’s easy. Let me just get out my credit card.” Again, that’s a great draw for franchisors and investors. Bypassing customers’ disorganized “I’ll-get-to-it” piles of bills means your company gets paid quicker.
  4. You’re fast. “This booking system took about 10 seconds for me to use – and I didn’t have to write anything down. It should always be that easy.” Let’s face it: your customers want you in their lives for as little time as possible. Your company is there to get in, solve a problem and get out so they can get back to their regularly scheduled programming. Handling pricing, booking, billing and more online instead of writing things out the old way saves precious minutes – so you’re out the door ASAP.
  5. You’re tech-savvy. “Huh. The bill just came through on my email on my phone. I didn’t know you could do that.” It’s the little things that count when you’re trying to carve out a niche from the competition. Getting rid of paper in favor of technology also starts a conversation with the customer that you may have an advantage in your service delivery. Now would be a good time to mention that the unique, NASA-developed drywall you’re using lasts five times as long.
  6. You’re green. “I’m paperless too! It’s better for planet Earth.” Naturally, less paper means less trees had to die for the sake of your business. This isn’t just an issue of trying to tie your business to the granola crowd; for the modern customer, ‘environmentally friendly’ is just one more checkbox that helps them narrow the field to make a decision about who they call for service.

Going paperless is a big win for your brand – and the word-of-mouth marketing results can be spectacular.


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