5 Carpet Cleaning Website Design Tips

In this modern age of technology, your website is your calling card. To help set you apart from the competition and help you close more bookings, here are five carpet cleaning website design tips.

1. Be Unique

The goal here is to set your business apart. It doesn’t take a lot to be different, and often you only have to embrace your business’ unique personality. Maybe a video on your homepage of the owner introducing the business, or a clever tagline that will help you be remembered.

The classic before-and-after pics of dirty and clean carpet are great, but here’s an idea that will really impress: Instead of a pic of half of a room with a clean carpet, why not spell something into the grime? Consider spelling your company name, or even something like “Book Now.” That will really impress and leave a great impression. Don’t be afraid to find the things about your company that make you unique (your history, your service offerings, your equipment) and place them front and center on your site.

2. Optimize for Mobile

We wish we didn’t even have to mention this one anymore but a lot of companies still make this mistake. Your site has to be attractive and user-friendly on mobile devices. Most modern website templates will account for this. If you’re embarking on a new carpet cleaning website design, make sure this detail is covered. Check your site on a number of mobile devices to make sure it works and looks good. Many people will research and want to book right from their phones, to make sure your site is responsive to mobile.

3. Have Pricing Clear and Transparent

Too many companies shy away from this practice. Having your pricing displayed clearly on your site will help to close new business. Customers want convenience, and they want transparency, so don’t hide the details.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to compete on price. The lowest price carpet cleaning company is the one making the worst margins. Instead, compete on service, and establish a reputation for doing the job right.

carpet cleaning website design

4. Nail the Details (Service Hours, Area and More)

The homepage of your website should answer all of the key customer questions immediately. Your hours of operation, the areas you serve, and any other important info (including pricing of course) should be on display and easy to find.

If you offer any service guarantees, put those on the homepage too. Guarantees make customers feel safe and help close more new business.

5. Offer Online Booking

This is the ultimate in carpet cleaning website design. Right from your home page, a customer should be able to request a quote or book immediately with you. It may sound like a costly endeavor to implement, but you’ll make it back in extra bookings and revenue-per-job. “As we started getting into online booking… we say a huge increase in our online sales, which we hadn’t expected, really,” says ServiceMaster by Reid CEO Scott Reid.”We’re tapping into a customer base that we didn’t have before.”

Think about it from the customer perspective. If they have several choices of service providers, and one is transparent about pricing and will let them book immediately, on their own time — who will they choose. The easiest way is always the way.

Other (Bonus!) Carpet Cleaning Website Design Ideas

We won’t get into details like website colors or logos. Those are subjective, and you can make those decisions based on your company’s own brand image (see point #1 above). Still, there are several things you can do to ensure a quality carpet cleaning website design. One of these is to favor “white space.” That’s design-speak for making sure that your site is not too busy or full of hard-to-read text. Give the info on your site enough room to be read easily. If necessary, put the “fine print” details onto another page. Things like the chemicals and products you use might be important to a some of your customers, but that doesn’t mean they need to be on the first page of your site.

It should be easy and clear to website visitors how to reach you. Consider publishing contact info on every page, and have a separate contact page with options for how to reach you. Your phone number, office address, and either an email address or email form should be prominently displayed.

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