“Clean Up” Against Your Competition with Carpet Cleaning Scheduling Software

Looking to capture more market share from your competitors, earn more revenue and more profits? Make the switch to using carpet cleaning scheduling software.

With the modern technology, you’ll have an easier time accepting and scheduling bookings. You’ll save money on admin costs, and even earn more revenue than you might expect.

Mini Case Study: ServiceMaster Franchisee from Mississippi

“We could see that the market was changing and we had to change with it by offering online booking,” says ServiceMaster by Reid CEO Scott Reid. “Service companies have to put their best face forward online – and make it easy for customers to book what they need instantly, scheduling their own service calls without a bunch of back and forth over the phone or email.”

After making the switch to carpet cleaning scheduling software, ServiceMaster by Reid noticed the benefits right away. “It’s just made a more streamlined process, with the work orders on through to the customer, and helped us to just save time.”

A Surprise Boost in Revenue

Efficiency and convenience for their customers aren’t the only way that ServiceMaster by Reid realizes the benefits of carpet cleaning software. “As we started getting into the online booking portion of the Vonigo software, we say a huge increase in our online sales, which we hadn’t expected, really. We’re tapping into a customer base that we didn’t have before.”

carpet cleaning scheduling software

Time Saved Equals More Profit

It’s simple math: If receiving bookings and scheduling your calls takes your team less time, then you’re saving money. More of that revenue is profit, in other words. With a boost in efficiency, revenue, and profit, making the switch to carpet cleaning scheduling software is an easy call.

Try Carpet Cleaning Scheduling Software for Yourself

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