Carpet Cleaning SEO: Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

  • September 22, 2019
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Many carpet cleaning businesses are location-based and this has a huge impact on your carpet cleaning SEO approach.

When it comes to your website and digital marketing, your goal is to find more customers who are in your local service area. Reaching a billion people on another continent doesn’t help you, and is a waste of your time and money.

For location-based marketing, Google My Business is the best SEO tool to help you reach more potential carpet cleaning customers. It’s also the best place to start if you are just beginning your digital marketing journey. 

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What is Google My Business?

If you haven’t used it before or heard the name, you must certainly have seen it. It’s the little box that pops up when you search for something and showcases a specific business. 

It contains key details about a company such as opening times and contact details. Some people refer to it as an online shop window.  

It’s completely free to get listed. You just need to claim your location on You can then start adding in details about your carpet cleaning company, and this has a huge impact on your SEO. 

Contact Information for Your Carpet Cleaning Company

One of the first things to complete is your contact details — so that people can get in touch with you! 

Depending on the scale of your cleaning company, you may not have a physical presence where people can visit you. If this is the case, when you add your address you can select an option which says ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations’ and unselect an option which says ‘I serve customers at my business address’. 

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You also get the chance to outline your ‘patch’, i.e. the areas you serve. This can be in the form of specific cities, towns, postcodes or a simple radius around your physical location. 

You’ll then be able to add in key details such as opening hours. Ensure these are accurate – the last thing you want is a potential customer calling up and not being able to get through to anyone. Google is pretty good at sending reminders, but don’t forget to also update your opening hours around the likes of Christmas and Easter if they are different or you are closed. 

Images are Great for Carpet Cleaning SEO

It might seem silly to add images, however, listings with photos do tend to perform much better than those without. Search Engine Journal recently reported that listings with images have received around 35% more clicks than ones without any images. 

Many people include a mixture of promotional images such as their logo and team pictures, with examples of their work, their equipment or premises. It is your chance to give the searcher a better feel for your business! Try to make them of professional quality, even if they’re casual shots.

If you don’t have any images, try and ask regular customers if they would mind you taking some during your next visit. You could offer them a small discount as an incentive. 

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Arguably one of the most powerful sections of the Google My Business listing is reviews. Potential customers will be much more swayed by third-party reviews than anything you can say about how good your services are.

The best way to get more reviews is to directly ask people. When seeking feedback after a job, ask them how things went. If you like what you hear, ask them if they wouldn’t mind replicating their comments on your Google My Business listing. 

If you get negative reviews, respond to them promptly and fairly to show you are receptive to customer feedback. 

When it comes to reviews it really is a numbers game, so incorporate this into your strategy. Try and have more reviews than your competitors and a rating of at least 4.5.


Want to share some company news? Running a special offer? Offering a new service? You can create Google My Business posts, which appear on your listing for a week, which are ideal for sharing these kinds of updates. 

They are short snippets of text with an image and you can also add buttons through to pages on your website. 

Monitor how your posts are performing to see what kind of messaging gets the best response!

Full Steam Ahead

To summarise, key things to remember when optimizing your Google My Business for your carpet cleaning company:

  • Ensure everything is filled in completely – as much as you possibly can! Google loves complete data. 
  • Consider what you want your listing to appear for and aim to use some of these terms in your descriptions and company information
  • Check on your insights when you can – this will give you some great information about how your listing is performing. For example, how many calls you have received and how many visited your website. 
Rachael Jessney is Managing Director at Atelier, a web design and digital marketing agency supporting marketers and ambitious business owners.

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