Carpet Cleaning Ads Resulted in a $20K Sales Boost with a 1,286% Return on Ad Spend

  • November 14, 2019
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This carpet cleaning ads case study article was written by digital marketer Sean Byrne.

Sean Byrne

“We’re looking to drive more customers to the business for the up and coming spring cleaning season. Can you help?” 

This was the question asked to us by a carpet cleaning company, one of our advertising clients. Springtime was on the way and they wanted to capitalize on one of their busiest seasons of the year. In order for them to achieve their goal, they needed as much brand awareness as possible. 

How were they going to achieve this? By getting attractive offers in front of as many people as possible.

Using Carpet Cleaning Ads to Boost Sales

Our plan to achieve that goal was to use online ads such as Facebook and Google Ads. However, Facebook can be particularly effective when you target the right audience with the right offer in the right season. Cleaning companies can drive impressive business when they have these combinations working together.

My team and I love using both Google Ads and Facebook, even Instagram too. Depending on the type of cleaning company we are working they help acquire more leads and customers.

What Was the Client’s Desire?

The client had ambitions to dominate their service area. It was important for them to advertise heavily (as best as their budget would allow) during this time of year. The carpet cleaning company simply didn’t want to miss out on a big opportunity by not getting their brand and offers in front of the right audience at a time when demand is going to be particularly high in the year. 

The good news is that they already had a Facebook page set up with a few hundred likes to their page, as well as a healthy amount of customer reviews. 

The bad news was that they didn’t always post on their page and engagement was low on their posts. We offered some advice on how they could spice up their page and attract more engagement, thus encouraging more awareness of their services.

The carpet cleaning company had experimented with Facebook ads over a few months, but never really got the results they had hoped for. They had some success but admitted they didn’t really know what they were doing in order to get the results they desired. Referrals were a big part of their business, which is great when you get them, but you can’t guarantee that this will always remain a consistent source of business.

So how did we take this carpet cleaning company and generate $20k in sales?

A Complete Carpet Cleaning Ads Case Study

First, we mapped out a lead capture funnel. This was our plan of action, so to speak.

This is how we were going to acquire leads from our Facebook ads and then funnel them through a sales sequence that was going to turn as many of those leads into paying first-time customers.

We Figured Out Some Killer Offers to Run

The first thing we did was talk with the carpet cleaning company about offers we could run, why we should run them and how this was going to offer great value and appeal to the right target audience.

We discussed some creative offers that we could use for our Facebook ads and laid them out on the table for our client to see. We explained that by using such offers, we would:

  1. Attract the right target audience
  2. Have them excited to opt-in to these offers
  3. Encourage them to act on these offers ASAP by calling in for a quote

Next we…

Suggested Some Target Audiences

Having attractive offers to use in your ads is great, but they are only attractive to the RIGHT audience. Meaning that the offer and audience have to be the right fit in order for the campaign to connect and make an impact.

We made some interesting suggestions on who to target in their local area and how this would make an impact to the front end of our lead generation funnel.

carpet cleaning website design

Devised an Opt-in Landing Page To Acquire Leads

Next up in the funnel was to devise a landing page that would assist with acquiring leads for the funnel and business to nurture. The landing page was simple and not too complicated. The less confusion, the better!

We included a couple of other things that helped our conversion rate:

  1. Added urgency — including a sense of urgency on the landing page helps to drive up our opt-in conversion rate on what we were offering
  2. Included scarcity — adding scarcity also helped our landing page visitors to act fast and opt in to receive the offer

After that we…

Created a Thank You Page 

Next in this lead generation sequence was the thank you page. This is an important page as it instructs the person that opted into the funnel and directs them to take the next step, which, in this case, was to go to their email inbox and open our email to receive their special offer. 

We had four steps we outlined in the thank you page which made it very clear what the new opt-in had to do next. Simple instructions like this help guide the new prospect forward and showing the incentive as to why they should carry out a micro-commitment like this.

One of the steps was to encourage the new prospect to sign up for our chatbot sequence. That came with a bonus incentive to those that clicked to subscribe to our chatbot on Facebook. That was the front-end of the funnel.

From there, we set up two additional back-end follow up communication processes.

The first was…

Email Marketing Flows

One of the personal information data points that each new prospect entered when signing up to the offer was their email address. We wanted this data point so we could have a way of keeping in touch with the prospect/customer as the weeks, months and even years followed.

A three-part email automation sequence was designed to present their offer as well as communicate more value to the prospect or customer and position our client as the go-to resource.  

The second follow up communication channel was…

A Facebook Chatbot

We’re big fans of Facebook chatbots. It’s kinda like the new email. The open rates are insane at the time of writing this article and the engagement is fantastic! The chatbot allowed our client to automatically follow up with conversations to prospects that also opted into the chatbot.

This gave way to another channel of communication to the client’s target audience. With message open rates being very high on Facebook chatbots, they are a fantastic way to communicate with prospects and customers. You can offer value in the form of educational content, industry news, case studies, offers, etc.

The only thing I would avoid doing with chatbots is using them loosely. What I mean by this, is not to message your list a lot. Depending on the problem you are solving, I would say once a week is enough. With our carpet cleaning client, the timing of messaging was important to consider also. 

Even when providing value, you don’t want to be messaging your list to the point where it’s becoming annoying. Otherwise, people start to block you and you lose engagement with that list.  

Collecting Phone Numbers

Something that we didn’t really need to set up, but felt it was highly important to collect was the phone number of the prospect. Email and chatbots are the way to go in this day and age! But having the ability to call someone up and make that connection verbally to the customer on the other end of the phone is something you shouldn’t really shy away from.

Having a prospect’s phone number is of high value throughout the entire sales process and beyond. So we always recommend collecting that data point. Once we collect that data point from the prospect, it’s up to our client to follow up and close the deal.

So, how did our client benefit from hiring us as a solution to generating more leads and more importantly… PAYING CUSTOMERS?

The Results

Before we worked with our client, they relied on referral marketing and flyers. Having done Facebook ads in the past that got them business, but it was more a game of luck, rather than a tried and tested strategy. 

Our new plan designed to get the results. Here is what those results looked like…

  1. Increased lead count per month to an average of 480 new targeted leads
  2. Increased clients customer base by an extra 20%
  3. Generated an additional $20k in revenue on first-time purchases on average per month

We finished the campaign over the course of a few months when we felt that we exhausted the market and offer. Due to the increase in demand, the client had to hire more staff. This was something that we said could very well happen in our discovery meeting. 

Our Analysis

The revenue generated over the course of the campaign was a great success because of timing, a well-structured marketing campaign and testing good offers! We achieved a 1,286% return on ad spend for the client. What’s great about this campaign is not just that the client acquired this additional revenue, but now has a marketing and communication system using email, phone, and chatbots, allowing them to stay in touch with their prospect/customer base and stay top-of-mind.

Sean Byrne has been a digital marketer for over a decade. He helps businesses generate targeted leads that convert into customers using Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

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