11 Blog Content Ideas for Moving Companies to Help Boost SEO

  • November 12, 2018
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For moving companies, the battle for market share now starts as a battle for clicks. To win those web searches and clicks, there are a number of things that moving companies can do. Publishing regular blog content is one of the most important actions and could result in a lot more organic search traffic.

To help you keep your blog current and give you some inspiration, here are 10 blog content ideas for moving companies.

1. Write an Article About Your Top SEO Term

This is the most obvious one and represents the easiest win. You can either dedicate a page on your website or a blog post to this topic. Either way, you must be willing to establish that you have expertise in your area, so choose the top SEO term and get to work writing about it.

When we say “top SEO term,” we are making a few assumptions. Chances are, the most popular (and like the most competitive) search term that people use is some combination of “moving companies + (your city or area)” or “movers + your area.” For example, “movers San Francisco.”

By writing about this topic, you give the search engines something to recognize and increase your chances of getting into that #1 spot on the search engine results page (SERP). But what to write about? Talk about the various neighborhoods in the area and things that are unique to your city or town. In San Francisco, that might mean writing about parking moving trucks on hills, about proximity to technology company headquarters, or discussing the differences in the various eclectic neighborhoods around the city.

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2. Publish a List of Packing Tips

If you’re writing blog content for the sake of SEO, the more relevant content you publish, the better. Articles that contain tips about the moving process itself can be excellent for getting recognized by the search engines.

How to pack in preparation for a move is something that might seem obvious, especially to a moving company. To most people though, the process of moving can be arduous. Any insight, shortcuts or tips that you can provide can help to build trust with potential customers and keep them on your website longer.

Best of all, you can share advice that helps make your job easier when it comes to moving day. The article can serve as a reference that you link new customers to, to help them prep for the big day. Mention things like:

  • How to wrap their articles for safe transport
  • The shape, size, and weight of boxes or packing materials to use
  • How to deal with difficult items like antiques or art
  • How to measure doorways and stairways for large items

3. Highlight the Benefits of Your Process

There are probably several moving companies competing for market share in your area. What makes yours different? An article that talks about the specific benefits of dealing with you can help customers decide to book with you.

You can list any number of things that help to establish your differentiation:

  • Your years of experience
  • The number of moves you’ve conducted in the area
  • Your insurance policies and coverage terms
  • Your packing materials and protection of valuable goods
  • Any guarantees you offer as part of your service

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4. Feature a Member of Your Team

This idea is great for a number of reasons. For one, a feature about a member of your team could involve more storytelling and would be an interesting read. A story about an interesting or long-serving member of your term is more likely to be shared on social media and generate more page views as a result.

What’s more, your team members may be proud to be highlighted in this way, and it could help to encourage more of a loyal beyond between your team members and the company.

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5. Do a Walkaround of Your Trucks

When people are looking for a moving company, one of the questions they often ask is what kind of trucks you’ll use for the move. Rather than just a few basic pics of your fleet, go into the details.

Along with pics, you can showcase the interior of the truck and all of the other tools and materials you use. Things like shrink wrap, dollies, moving blankets, and even just the cleanliness of your trucks. It will help customers visualize the experience, and it can also educate them on the various options for the truck sizes and weight ratings available.

6. Feature a Customer Testimonial, or Several

When a move is complete, ask your customers for feedback and testimonials. Customer reviews can be a major factor in helping to attract and retain new business. Where possible, get a complete testimonial from a customer (or several) and publish them as an article.

With their permission, you can use photos of them, their location, and your trucks during the moving process. It sounds like a lot of work, but it can make a huge difference in helping you communicate the value that you bring to the market. Hearing it in your customers’ own words will be very powerful, and will have more of an impact than if you say it yourself.

7. Tell a Story About a Special, Memorable, or Difficult Move

Maybe it’s the time you cleared out a church basement for use by a youth group. Or maybe it’s the time you had to rent a crane to lift an old piano off a 3rd-floor balcony. Or perhaps you cleared a family’s belongings from a heritage house in advance of a renovation.

People love stories. So, it turns out, to do search engines. The more moving-related content you can publish, the more likely your site will be found and ranked by the likes of Google. Often the challenge is just to keep the ideas flowing, so when a good story comes across your desk, don’t be afraid to tell it.

8. Explain Your Process, Step-by-Step

Moving can be a stressful time for customers. Taking this into consideration, a step-by-step explanation for how you operate can be very helpful for setting customers’ concerns to rest.

Take them through the entire process: from the time that you first quote on the job, to the point that your trucks roll away from the final destination. Knowing exactly how you operate and understanding how you appreciate their concerns can be a big help to customers during what is often one of the most stressful times in their life.

9. Write a Love Letter to Your City or Area

You’re proud of where you come from and you want people to know you care. Show them how much you love your city or town by publishing an article about it.

Talk about the things you love most about the area: the neighborhoods, the history, the people, and the various points of interest that make the place unique. For example, you could talk about the number of times each year your trucks cross the local bridges. Or the places that you think serve the best lunch. Or how your team supports the local sports franchises or arts organizations.

Better still, you could dedicate an article to each neighborhood within your service area, highlighting the unique characteristics and charm of each.

10. Share an Update on Your Community Involvement

Does your team or your company like to give back in some way? Maybe you help each year with a food bank drive or offer to sponsor a deserving organization with some moving help for the day.

You don’t want to damage your goodwill by seeming sanctimonious — there are ways that you can discuss your community involvement without bragging. Helping to highlight the programs or charities that matter to your company or team can be a great benefit to the cause as well. Spreading the word can be a win-win.

11. Explain Your Quoting and Pricing Strategies

Don’t shroud your pricing or quoting in mystery. Explaining exactly how you establish your costs can help customers understand how to do business with you. It can also help alleviate concerns over what a moving job might cost them.

Ultimately, anything that helps to make your quoting and pricing policies more clear can only help your business. When your quotes and your invoices are consistent, your overall customer satisfaction will increase as well.

Bonus Tip

Read all of the ideas above again. Each of them can actually be a series of posts. If you need more ideas for content, break each idea into several post ideas, and you should have enough to keep you going for a long time.

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