Tips for Growing a Moving Business with a Better Customer Experience

This article about growing your moving business with a better customer experience is by Allied Van Lines.

Growing a moving business isn’t an easy endeavor. Your success often depends on one thing: customer satisfaction.

Ease the customer’s experience, soothe their fears, and you’ll win an evangelist for your moving company for life. The resulting referrals could help you continue to find new business and grow.

Growing a Moving Business by Solving Customer Issues

Moving homes is scary. It’s generally the culmination of years of hard work for a family, bringing with it a lifestyle change. And that’s why a good moving team is so very valuable: homeowners are looking for anyone who can make the process easier and more convenient for their families. If your goal is growing a moving business, these tips on seeing the business from your customers’ perspective will take you from basic to brilliant.

For movers, providing a positive customer experience is critically important. A company that can take the stress off of homeowners and is trustworthy enough to deliver possessions on time and in one piece has the potential to succeed. If you’re hoping to improve your moving company’s customer service, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Keep the Customer in the Loop

Most people aren’t entirely familiar with the process of moving. They have an idea of what they need to do, but they’re having to rely on others, like their moving company, to fill in the gaps.

Let the customer know exactly what to expect and as you work through the job, keeping the customer in the loop. What do they need to do to prepare? What time will your company show up and what time can they expect their possessions? Automate as much of this sharing information as you can, using your moving software.

Whether you’re ahead of schedule or behind, the customer should be informed. Check in frequently and stick to your agreed upon time schedule as much as possible.

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Provide Instruction (and Systems)

When your customer is packing, there is a lot of stress associated with getting valuables safely tucked away, especially when they may not know how to properly protect their items. Having a pre-printed list of ideas and ways to keep valuables safe can help your customer’s moving experience go smoothly. There are plenty of common moving tips out there; find the ones that are most commonly successful and start from there.

For example, having colorful permanent markers readily available can be helpful. This allows your customers to color code their items, which will make unpacking much easier on themselves and you. Colorful duct tape can also be used to mark each box in an easy to find the area of the box. Once you arrive, all the blue boxes can go in the kitchen, green will go to the living room, and so on. Your customers can then unpack at their leisure and won’t have to move boxes again to get them in the correct place.

Know Their New Area

Knowing people in the area can be very helpful. Real estate agents generally have a list like this available as well, but movers can focus on the more practical information. Where’s the closest supermarket? If your customer has small children, are there any babysitters or daycares that you can recommend? Putting together a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” list of local grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other amenities can make your company stand out as one that goes the extra mile, and will make your customer appreciate you even more.

Offering solutions for unwanted goods can also be a great feature of your business. Local charity shops usually have a donation pick-up service available and knowing which ones offer this can help your clients significantly. This has the added bonus of decreasing the amount of furniture and personal items you have to load and unload.

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Understand the Stress

Finally, remember that this is likely one of the most stressful experiences your clients will have this year. Be kind and patient, communicate every step, and don’t take any rudeness or frustration directed at you to heart.

Alleviating Your Customers’ Anxiety Will Grow Your Moving Business

Helping your clients have a smooth experience will help you in growing your moving business over time. Word of mouth from satisfied customers is the best marketing of all.

Following these steps will help ensure a smooth business transaction, and will likely help inspire confidence in your service.

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Ask For Reviews and Referrals

Make your hard work count by asking your customers to review your business on Google or Yelp. A good number of recent, high-quality reviews will give your business a boost in the search engines as well as in your number of bookings.

Austin Winder is a Public Relations Specialist for Allied Van Lines in Memphis, TN.

He graduated with a business and marketing degree from the University of Memphis.

Bonus Tip: Add Online Booking or Quoting

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