Marketing for Movers: The Email Trick That Changes Everything [Infographic]

For movers, marketing isn’t easy, even in a bustling economy. You can pay through the nose to develop a slick, professional email campaign for your moving company, or spend days or weeks doing it yourself. Still, if the recipients don’t open your emails, they don’t become customers. It’s money and time down the drain.

What’s the key to getting customers to open your moving company marketing emails? A great subject line.

How do you create a great subject line? There’s a simple answer: A/B testing. Never heard of it? Read on! We’ve put all the basics you need to get A/B testing working for you into some easy-to-follow infographics.

A/B testing (also called split testing), is your ticket to more email opens, more clicks, and higher conversion rates. Done well, this will give you heavily tested, measured, proven email subject lines that will make marketing easier, faster, more effective, and more profitable for movers like you.

Fun fact: studies show that customers are actually more likely to open a spam email than a legitimate marketing email. Why is that? Spammers have invested in testing which subject lines work. In the infographics below, you’ll learn how to harness the power of better subject lines and improve your marketing.

Marketing for Movers: Words to Use in Subject Lines

Word Choice in Marketing for Movers
Word Choice in Marketing for Movers

Four Ways to Affect Subject Lines and Open Rates

4 ways to affect open rates
4 Ways to Affect Open Rates

Remember to Re-Test

A/B testing is a recurring process
A/B testing is a recurring process

Email Marketing for Movers: Your Next Steps

Oh, you’re not done yet! Marketing needs to be an ongoing process, and continued split testing will only make your email marketing program stronger, better, and more effective. Maybe your first A/B test taught you that your audience prefers shorter subject lines. Great: Next time, use shorter subject lines and test personalization or a different design feature. Find what works with your unique customer mix.

Another reason to keep testing is that tastes change. Audiences can quickly get used to seeing a certain type of subject line that is trendy, such as emojis, and may start ignoring them. You don’t want to look like a failed trendoid.

Each time you send an email you have a new opportunity to test, tweak, and improve your messaging. The more you improve your marketing emails, the more your message will resonate, and the more your customers will reward you. When they think of movers, you want them to think of you. Effective communication fosters that.

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Things to Remember

Great emails don’t just happen. They are built upon experience and data, not gut instinct. A/B testing your subject lines is one of the best tools in the marketer’s playbook. It will help you gain a better understanding of your audience over time.

This article is only focused on email subject line A/B testing, but you should split test everything you can, including your email teaser, header, images, content, design, call to action, and more. Have fun geeking out on all the data and analytics that will help your conversion rate and bottom line.

Marketing for movers is, as we said at the beginning, a challenge, but marketing is easier for movers who use split testing and strive to improve.

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