Real-Time, Online Job Scheduling Software for Service Businesses

Having real-time online booking as part of your job scheduling software can have a huge impact on your business.

Imagine that you need to book flights for your vacation, but no one answers the phone when you call the airline. It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re in a hurry, but you’re forced to leave a message. You can’t book a ticket using an online reservation system because they don’t have one.

The airline calls you back on Monday, but you’re busy at your job when the call comes in. Now they leave you a message. Finally, after four days of back and forth you get to place a reservation. But due to flight availability you’re forced to depart in the middle of the week, at 11pm. While you and your family are on the flight it’s hard to think of a more inconvenient scenario.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But for many services businesses this wasteful game of telephone tag is a fact of life.

Job Scheduling Software with Real-time Online Booking

Fortunately there are real-time online scheduling systems like Vonigo that allow businesses to skip the hassles of telephone-based appointment-setting. You and your team can focus more energy on serving customers, and avoid playing telephone tag.

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Real-time scheduling is already the norm across a wide array of industries. Doctors and medical professionals increasingly provide their patients with access to care through online booking tools. Restaurants use tools like OpenTable to manage reservations. Even the DMV makes it possible for you to schedule your road test for a driver’s license online.

Isn’t it time for your business to offer customers the same level of booking convenience?

If you’d like to learn about how to put real-time online booking to work in your business, schedule a free, private demo and we’ll show you how.

Fill Your Schedule, and Never Double-Book

For services businesses, unbooked appointments are a perishable inventory that cannot be resold. You can efficiently manage this inventory in your job scheduling software by allowing customers to see when your crews are available. They can book appointments online without ever having to place a call.

Once an appointment is booked on your calendar, a member of your team can still follow up with the customer to get more job details or special instructions.

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A well-integrated scheduling system has additional benefits for your services business, such as the ability to help you manage route planning for appointments, as well as crew scheduling based on the workload.

If our airline analogy sounds painfully familiar, then it’s time to think about updating your business software to one that supports real-time online scheduling. Vonigo’s real-time online scheduling tool was custom-built to help services business owners easily manage the complexity of appointment booking, crew scheduling, route planning and location-specific pricing.

To find out how Vonigo’s real-time online scheduling tools can help your services business deliver greater customer service, with less cost and less hassle, sign up for a demo today.