Boost Productivity by Outsourcing Tasks to Upwork Contractors

You may be an expert at painting house, or clearing a drain, or fire and flood restoration – but you can’t do everything. If you run a business, you will eventually require help with a digital project, such as web marketing, SEO or other aspects of your online presence.

It’s a nice problem to have! You’ve become a victim of your own success.
You’re already using Vonigo business operations software to help run the back end of your business, which has enabled you to boost productivity and expand your business to multiple locations or franchises. But with growth, comes new projects. Where can you find trusted and competent digital warriors, at the drop of a hat?

If it’s digital, it can be done with Upwork

Anything that can be done on a computer, from graphic design to SEO or writing – can be easily and confidently outsourced with an Upwork freelance contractor. For the uninitiated, Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace, connecting companies with freelancers to get digital projects big and small, long-term and urgently short-term, done.

Perhaps you need a new brochure in time for the holiday season, or you require a website refresh, or you need a new logo for your company. Hiring a contractor can be intimidating if you don’t know a qualified candidate. Even with someone known and trusted, it can be impossible to know how long a digital project should take, and what to expect along the way.

Upwork contractors are talented freelancers who specialize in providing a service – just like many of their clients. But while the vast range of oDesk clients offer the gamut of products or services, Upwork contractors exclusively provide services that can be done – and tracked every step of the way – on the computer.

Peace of mind built right in to the process

Clients hiring an Upwork contractor can be sure their work is being done with the Work Diary, an online tool that captures work-in-progress snapshots of their freelancer’s screen every 10 minutes during billable hours. And because Upwork offers a Money Back Guarantee with their best freelancers, clients can be sure that their project meets their satisfaction, with checkpoints all along the way.

Hiring an Upwork freelance contractor – or team of contractors – is a fast, convenient, professional solution for service companies that need to ramp up quickly.


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