How Job Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier for Your Whole Company

Job scheduling software is changing the way mobile service companies do business at all levels of their operation. Here are some of the ways that it can make life easier — both for your team and your customers.

Administration and Call Center

If you have job scheduling software that includes online booking, you can save your administration team a lot of time. When customers can book a service themselves, your team can take fewer calls, freeing up their time.

“Before we used Vonigo, our old solution was very difficult to use in a call center environment. It just wasn’t user-friendly for our operators and it didn’t have intuitive capabilities to streamline the process very well. Even after we recognized the disadvantages of using that system, it was difficult to change it to do what we wanted. Certainly, it would have been a challenge to scale up our franchise business nationally using it. Basically, it was more trouble than it was worth.”
Sir Grout President Jeff Gill

When you reduce the amount of time it takes to accept and confirm a booking, you save time and increase profitability. Instead of answering questions and quoting prices on the phone, your office team can focus on confirming and scheduling those calls for your crews.

online booking

“We are always big on being paperless. We made the move to go paperless on everything — we used to have to ‘bandaid’ three different software tools to make that happen. The back-end, files, and merchant provider. Now, we are able to do that with one system.”
-Travis Rein, RubbishWorks

Field Teams

Your crews will appreciate the convenience of job scheduling software when they have their entire day plotted for them, along with driving instructions and customer notes.

“It’s a lot more efficient with customers booking online. It’s like the customers are creating the invoice for you. The service technician can just show up and focus on the job at hand while the customer really does all of the heavy lifting of administration through an easy-to-use system.”
-Scott Reid, ServiceMaster by Reid

job scheduling software

With job scheduling software, and mid-stream changes are easy, and automatically pushed to your team’s mobile devices as needed. If a customer requests a change or cancels, or if another job request materializes in an area your team is already serving, you can respond quickly and notify your field crews immediately.

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“The system has streamlined the company, the call answering process, and the way we handle pricing by area,” says Butler. “The address mapping built into it has also reduced error in service address input. It is great that we can quickly and efficiently get jobs booked into the schedule and dispatched right to the iPads on the trucks.”
-Adam Butler, Managing Member of Jiffy Junk.

Management and Ownership

Job scheduling software gives you the ability to track and measure all aspects of the company. From the number of messages exchanged with each customer to the travel times. You can track the time to completion, job rate, the amount of time it takes for an invoice to get paid, and a whole lot more.

“We receive around 40% of our jobs from online booking. If we did not have the online booking option, I would estimate 20% of our revenue would disappear right away. Depending on the location, that could be 100’s of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.”
-Travis Rein of Rubbish Works

Management will appreciate the ability to quantify the number of jobs per rep or field team. It gives you the ability to trace those figures back to your company’s profitability.

“As the number of our jobs increased, it became more difficult to track the daily schedules for each truck and crew. It allows us to make the daily schedules visible to all crews in real time. When jobs get delayed or need to be moved around, we are able to adjust without any major disruptions to the business.”

“The tools with the daily schedule allow our crews to get to jobs on time. We have the contact information and descriptions of the jobs at hand, and we can track expenses, all in one work order.”
-Paul MacDonald, Ethical Waste Services

Having accurate records of your company’s services and billings is invaluable. It presents a great way to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

“Reporting has also been a game changer for us,” says Ford. “We know the margin on each and every job, big and small, and this has affected job costing in a very positive way. Here at the office, we are logged into Vonigo daily and our accountant is able to log in remotely and give us accurate monthly data.”
-Adam Ford, CEO HomeUpkeep


The convenience of job scheduling software is perhaps most evident in the case of your customers.

“The estimate booking system customers use on our website is easy to navigate and they can use it in real-time. This is essential for running our business. You could try to run it through something like Google Calendar but it wouldn’t give us the capabilities we really need.”
-Jeff Gill, CEO Sir Grout

Customers have the ability to book online themselves.  They can add the appointment to their own digital calendars, and get confirmation and reminder messages. Not only does that make their lives easier, but it also gives them confidence in your company. It shows that you run a professional operation.

“When customers go online, they can see all options at once and easily select the services they want. We used to have to list off all of our different services over the phone, which took too long, so customers would opt for fewer services. We’re capturing the niche that only wants to book online and wants an easy way to do it.”
-Scott Reid, ServiceMaster by Reid

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