How to Grow Your Mobile Franchise Using Franchise CRM Software

Franchise CRM software can help transform your mobile franchise brand and unlock new growth potential. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about relationship building and your franchise has to build those relationships at scale.

The right software tool can help you unlock growth opportunities for your entire organization, including your franchisees. Best of all, it can let you offer a better level of service to your end customers.

1. Centralize Your Administration

One of the most valuable things you can offer your franchisees is the ability to relieve as much business operations burden as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is to leverage franchise CRM software. Having software in place to manage the customer relationships across your entire business will make day-to-day operations much easier for your franchise partners. This way, your parent brand “owns” the data and customer history, while you give your franchise partners the info they need and allow them to focus on completing jobs.

For many mobile franchises, having a centralized booking process is an efficient way to deliver a consistent customer experience, while protecting the time of your franchise partners. Even better is when you can offer online booking. Customers get the convenience of being able to book a job instantly, on their own time. Meanwhile, your partners get the luxury of having jobs appear in their franchise CRM software account. They simply need to complete the job. The best part is, both your franchisee and your parent brand have access to the customer history and specific notes on every job that customer books with you.

Rubbish Works, a junk removal company with franchise locations in five US states, gets a lot of their new business from online booking, says Founder Travis Rein. “We receive around 40% of our jobs from online booking,” says Rein. “If we did not have the online booking option, I would estimate 20% of our revenue would disappear right away. Depending on the location, that could be 100’s of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.”


junk removal business

Rubbish Works uses centralized online booking.


2. Offer Specific Services, Rates or Promotions by Geographical Area

In order to provide your franchise partners with the level of service mentioned above, you need to be able to offer customers availability based on their respective locations. For example, your franchise partners might have different availability, different services, or even different pricing structures, based on their specific location.

With franchise CRM software, you can show end customers only the services, offers, and availability that your franchisees can provide. As the franchisor, you can track the success of specific job types or offers in different regions and pass those learnings on to the appropriate locations.

How you ask? The simplest way is by ZIP code. The process starts with a customer entering their address during the booking process. They are then shown only the availability and services that your individual locations can offer them.

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3. Connecting Your Brand

By now hopefully, you’re beginning to see the value of franchise CRM software for your mobile franchise, as well as some of the ways it can benefit your end customers. Perhaps the best part about using franchise management software is that they allow information to flow freely to everyone at the company.

Every technician or crew can access the day’s schedule, including any specific job notes. Your software can even send customer notifications of a crew’s expected arrival time. Your field teams can also clock in and out of jobs, giving your franchisees and you, as the franchisor, complete transparency around the speed of each job completion.

4. Integrate Your Franchise CRM Software with Other Franchise Software Tools

The mark of great franchise software is its ability to integrate with other tools. Whether it’s call center software or financial tools like Quickbooks, your franchise CRM software can offer you the ability to integrate with the rest of your software tools for greater efficiency.

Connect your call center software with your job scheduling, saving your franchisees time and trouble with the job booking process. Connect your payments and financials between your franchise CRM software and your Quickbooks account. Or use your franchise CRM data to create a company-wide data dashboard, for an at-a-glance view of the performance of individual locations or even specific crews.

5. Use Data to Identify Growth Opportunities

When you’re using franchise CRM software, you have access to all of the pertinent data. By tracking specific growth metrics, you can identify any weak spots or strengths in your operations and use those to inform your growth strategy.

For example, you might learn that one location is experiencing success with a specific service or offer. You can pass that info along to other locations or establish new product lines as a result. Or you might learn efficiencies from your top-performing crews that you can share with locations that take longer to complete each job.

Vonigo’s franchise CRM software allows you to track over 60 separate metrics. This means that at the franchisor level, as well as by individual location, you always have access to the current performance.

Learn More About How Franchise CRM Software for Your Mobile Franchise

Vonigo’s franchise management software includes everything you need to manage a mobile franchise. Everything from online booking, job scheduling, mobile access for field teams, customer communications, invoicing, payments, and performance metrics can be managed with Vonigo. Our platform allows you to monitor all of your locations from one dashboard and adding new locations is a breeze.

We also integrate with franchise software tools like RingCentral, 8×8, Quickbooks, and Xero.

To learn more about how to manage your franchise with our software platform, book a free, private demo of Vonigo.