15 Inspiring Examples of Cleaning Websites

Winning the booking can be a very competitive battle for cleaning businesses. Often times, it’s a company’s online presence that can make the difference and win the booking. Below are 15 examples of great cleaning websites that get it right.

While it’s easy for small business owners to start a cleaning company, larger incumbent players can often win a lot of market share with great customer service, name recognition, and a spectacular website. Especially one that offers online booking.

We’ve mixed it up a bit for some variety. You’ll find maid services, carpet cleaners, window washers, odd jobbers, and even a chimney sweep on the list. You can take inspiration from all of them.

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1. Better Life Maids

Better Life Maids’ site tops our list of cleaning websites for a number of reasons. To start with, their online quote tool is featured front-and-center with a bright pink call-to-action button. The visitor is always invited to ‘discover your instant cleaning price now,’ even as they scroll through the site.

Not only do they make it immediately clear what they want the visitor to do, but they aim to answer as many questions as they can, right on the homepage. They offer not just a list of services, but videos to explain each one. And they feature testimonials from real customers, including a link to their Facebook reviews.

Halfway down the page, there’s another call-to-action to ‘Schedule Services,’ which links to their online booking engine. From the very first visit, it’s clear that Better Life Maids knows exactly what they are doing. That’s why it’s no surprise that their business spans multiple locations in several States.

2. Men In Kilts

Men In Kilts is another franchise with multiple locations. The first thing that stands out about Men In Kilts? Not surprisingly, it’s the kilts. Their brand is their trademark, and everything about their site celebrates the buzz-worthy outfits, right down to the green buttons.

On their main site, calls to action invite the visitor to choose a location or to “book your summer cleaning service today.” Since most visitors will find one of their location sites first though, let’s take a closer look at one of those.

On their Vancouver site, clear calls to action indicate how to “Create Service Request” or to request a free estimate. The homepage also features links to individual pages that explain more about their features and a video that explains their services in more detail.

3. Team Odd Job

Team Odd Job also has a compelling brand that greets you the instant you visit their site. The home page explains the simple three-step process they use, offers up customer testimonials, and most crucially, has a large “Book Now” button that leaves little question as to what a visitor is supposed to do.

They also have a blog section that gets regular updates, and a “How it Works” page that better explains what they do in more detail. By keeping it clean and simple, Team Odd Job makes it easy for customers.

4. Perfect Power Wash

There’s nothing subtle about this site. Perfect Power Wash hit your senses with bold photography, bold text, and bold claims. “18 years of perfect results” is a great tagline that instantly tells the customer what sets them apart in the market.

A “Request a Quote” button is featured front-and-center, and at the time of this writing, they also have an 18% off offer to celebrate their 18 years in business. If you’re in Northeast Ohio and you’re trying to decide on a reputable pressure washing company, Perfect Power Wash have made themselves tough to beat.

5. Midtown Chimney Sweeps

There’s nothing like a real fireplace to set a mood. As experts in the hearth business, Midtown Chimney Sweeps know this and set a tone immediately with a picture of a mother and son reading together in front of the fire.

While we love the vibe that the photography on the Midtown site creates, we really give high marks to the “Schedule Now” function, where one simply has to enter their zip code to get started. Scroll further down the page and you find out that Midtown is about more than just cleaning fireplace chimneys — they offer residential and commercial service, and clean dryer vents too.

6. AdvantaClean

No matter where you move your cursor on the AdvantaClean site, you’re landing on a way to book with them. A calendar icon lets you book a service immediately. A toll-free phone number is featured in the top right of the page. A form in the center of the home page lets you select a service and enter your zip code to start a booking. And a live chat tool in the bottom right offers to give you some assistance if you need it.

When you scroll down the page, they give you a chance to learn more about their services. They offer a 100% service promise, links to a page with lots of reviews and testimonials, and link to a St. Jude’s case study as well.

7. Height Aerial Specialists

Located in New Zealand, Height Aerial Specialists let you know right away what they are about. “We go anywhere — from low level to high rise.” The black and white color scheme with the worker rappelling down the high rise immediately communicates their specialty: hanging from tall buildings.

The menu links anchor to spots on the long, scrolling home page, and a services list exposes more details about each service when you click on them. They also feature the ever-important customer testimonials and make their contact information clear and easy to find.

8. Platinum Hood Cleaners

More of a business strategy critique than an audit of their website, we like how Platinum Hood Cleaners are all about their specific niche. Their website does a terrific job of communicating what they do, with photography and straightforward tagline: “Taking over the hood cleaning industry.”

Also, don’t miss the ever-present “free quote” tab. They also have an impressive carousel of corporate client logos. If they’re good enough for Burger King and Boston Pizza, you can probably trust them with your hood fans too.

9. Shine Window Cleaning

Two words: animated squeegee. How many times did you refresh the site to watch the squeegee reveal the locations button and the zip code field?

Like many other cleaning websites on this list, Shine Window Cleaning gets top marks for making the process of getting an estimate and booking a service easy. They’ve got all the info you need to decide whether to book a service with them, and they offer holiday lighting installation too. But they had us with the squeegee. I mean really.

10. Nate Solutions Property Service

An animated header on the Nate Solutions’ site tells you what they are about. “A customer service company, that happens to clean properties.” For a lot of customers, great service is the number one reason they choose one company over another, and Nate is smart to lead with it.

Founded by Nate Kelly, Nate Solutions spans an area from North Vancouver to Whistler with four different locations. If you’re local to the area, you know that’s a very big coverage zone. Still, compared to some of the others on this list, Nate Solutions isn’t a huge company, but they are punching well above their weight with the quality of their website.

11. Soap + Water

Soap. Water. What more do you need to know? In all seriousness though, Soap + Water gets it, and their website makes it clear they know their stuff. “Scroll” through the site, and you activate the vertical scrolling banner, revealing their various services. It’s a unique approach that keeps all the key info “above the fold” as we say in web design speak.

And they are another site that offers a zip code plus service drop-down option, to make online booking easy. You can also call them with one click of the phone number on the top right of the page.

12. Aurum

Aurum is another window cleaning company, who place a focus on corporate clients. The form on the main part of the home page earns them high marks, and they knock it out of the park with the carousel of corporate logos. As the choice of big name hotel chains and the City of Toronto, it’s clear (pun definitely intended) that Aurum has a great reputation in their market.

Oh, and they offer a 24hr emergency service. That’s the kind of service promise that’s hard to beat.

13. Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and Shine does a great job of using bright colors and simple animation for an attractive site experience.

Not only is it an attractive site, but they build trust with a “one minute tip” video. It’s not from them, but it truly shows the visitor value, as it’s not even related to their services.

14. MyClean

Based in New York and Chicago, MyClean leads with a simple message. “We clean. You relax.” We also love their booking form, where you can select your area, the number of rooms, the amount of time you want, and then get a price quote. That’s the kind of self-serve access that customers want these days, and it sets a high standard in their market, we’d wager.

They also come up at top of many local search results, meaning their SEO game is on point as well.

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15. Housekeep

With a claim like “London’s best house cleaners,” you instantly get a good feeling on Housekeep’s website. Not to mention the fact that they have an incredible URL: housekeep.com.

They have a “Get Started” button where the visitor can request a quote, their star ratings from customers are visible, and they also have logos of some of the news outlets they’ve appeared in. A small carousel of customer testimonials is animated on the right, giving the visitor instant confidence that they are a trustworthy operation.

Online Booking and Scheduling for Cleaning Websites

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