3 Charities Using Nonprofit Donation Pickup Software with Online Booking

Many nonprofits and charities rely on the donation of physical goods to help support their mission. For those that have a donation pickup operation, nonprofit donation software with online booking can be a huge help for their organization.

Here are three nonprofits that use online booking for their donations pickups, and a closer look at their online booking engines.

1. Goodwill Industries

Across the United States, more and more Goodwill Industries locations are switching to using online booking. They’re following the lead of the Goodwill locations in the Southern Piedmont, in the Carolinas.

Goodwill Industries International is a network of 165 autonomous, non-profit Goodwill retail locations in 14 countries. The Southern Piedmont locations service 13 counties in North Carolina and five counties in South Carolina.

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont has been using Vonigo software with online booking for their pickups for years. Bill Hall, Director of Supply Chain and Donation Acquisition likes how online booking saves his team and donors time. “It allows individuals to go online themselves and book donation pick-ups,” says Hall. “Our admin staff would take roughly 50 to 60 calls a day for pick-ups. (Vonigo) frees them up because the donor has the capability to go online and schedule that pick-up themselves. It frees our staff up to do other other meaningful tasks.”

2. Habitat for Humanity

All over North America, Habitat for Humanity locations are using Vonigo software with online booking.

Habitat for Humanity International began in Americus, Georgia in 1976.  Their goal was simple: to provide access to safe and decent housing for everyone, and have people from all walks of life come together to make this vision come true. To date, Habitat has built 800,000 houses in over 100 countries around the world, providing more than 4 million people with safe, decent and affordable shelter.

How They Do It

Habitat generates much of their revenue through their ReStores; retail outlets that sell donated building materials and furniture. All of the inventory comes from corporate or individual donors. To collect that inventory, many locations use online booking.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver uses a centralized online booking site to manage its five store locations and requires all donation pick-ups to be booked online. “We use Vonigo to handle all of our pickups, meaning we have a complete record of our donations, which saves a lot of time,” says Andree Nash, Volunteer & Event Manager of Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver. “Donor reporting indicates who donated what, when and any contact details. The online scheduling platform eliminates phone calls and emails and helps our donor experience. Donors can self-book, which is immensely helpful, as we have limited resources.” 

habitat for humanity donations

From Portland to Denver, to Ann Arbor, and Silicon Valley

ReStore locations all over the US are using non-profit donation pickup software with online booking to manage their inventory. In Oregon, the Habitat affiliate uses online booking for its five locations. The Habitat in Denver was one of the first to adopt the technology. In Silicon Valley, they’ve also added kiosks, in the form of iPads at their loading dock, to allow donors to check in their drop-offs.

In Michigan, switching to online booking helped to double the size of their operation in a very short time.

3. St. Matthew’s House

St. Matthew’s House, a local charity in Naples, Florida, recently switched to online booking as well. St. Matthew’s House began in 1987 when a group of Naples parishioners followed a calling to bring food to a homeless population living in a nearby wooded area.

The “Task Force for the Homeless” began gathering contributions of both food and clothing, establishing the mission’s food pantry. Throughout the years, community support has helped grow the small mission into a multi-faceted organization focused on spiritual change.

After the switch to online booking, St. Matthew’s House now processes roughly 30% of all donations through online booking, a number that continues to grow as more donors discover its convenience.

Nonprofit Donation Pickup Software with Online Booking

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