Webinar: How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Donation and Retail Operations

What: A live webinar, with tips on how to improve the donations and retail store operations of your nonprofit.

When: Watch the Recording

Maximizing and Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit

It’s one of the biggest challenges for nonprofit retail operators. But there are solutions that can help you efficiently manage nonprofit donation operations— from donation through to sale in-store.

Join John Carter, CEO at Vonigo, and David Engle, CEO at Upright Labs to learn how leading organizations are streamlining their donation pickup and dropoff programs, driving foot traffic and revenue in their retail stores, and measuring their performance and impact.

nonprofit donation pickups

A preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How managing reuse donation operations with cloud-based solutions saves thousands annually in operational costs.
  • The simple steps organizations across the country are taking to increase donations and sales using the power of real-time online booking, self-serve kiosks, and e-commerce.
  • How organizations are engaging with new customers and driving foot traffic to their retail stores to increase revenue and donations.
  • How efficiently listing and managing inventory across physical and online stores helps save time and improve consistency.
  • How organizations are tracking metrics and running reports they need to effectively manage and grow operations.