8 Blog Content Ideas for Cleaning Companies (for Better SEO)

  • November 29, 2018
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You know that publishing content will help you get to the top of the search engines, but what to write? Here are some blog content ideas, specifically for cleaning companies.

1. Write About Your Cleaning Process and Products

Sharing the details of your cleaning process and the products you use can have the advantage not only of helping you rank in the search engines but also by helping your customers.

Some customers want to know the specifics, and making that info available to them could be what gets you the booking.

2. Write an Article About Your Top Search Engine Term

In every area, there’s a go-to term that customers are using to find cleaning companies in web searches. Something like ‘cleaning companies Pittsburgh.’ Whatever the key term for your area is, write an article about it.

Make sure to include a lot of relevant info about the area, the history of the area and your company, the landmarks, and more.

Pro Tip: If you live in a large city with a lot of search engine competition, it might make sense to focus specifically on one neighborhood.

3. Publish a List of Home Tidying Tips

When a home or office is tidy, it’s easier to keep clean. Sharing info on how to keep one’s space tidy will endear you to customers. It may also make your work a little easier if they take your advice and have their spaces tidy before you arrive to clean.

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4. Make a List of Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Let your customers know what you’re all about. Don’t be shy, tell the truth. Hiring cleaners is the way to go. The attention to detail, the deep clean benefits, the time a customer saves by having pros do it for them — make a list of the biggest advantages and benefits for customers when they book with you.

5. Highlight a Member of Your Team

Have an unsung hero? Or a special interest story you can share? Write a story about one of your team members. It will help give your company a personality, and demonstrate that you’re all about your people.

There might be many great stories in your midst, and your team might be willing to share them. It can’t hurt to ask.

6. Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews are incredibly powerful. They serve as objective proof of your ability to satisfy customers. When a potential customer sees an existing customer singing the praises of a business, it helps build trust with them.

The more you share, the more you can get, too. Once customers start to know you for the good feedback you generate, they’ll be more likely to offer up theirs as well.

7. Publish a Letter Expressing Your Pride in Your City

Or another way to say it is, write a love letter to your city or neighborhood. Mention the main attractions, the local sports teams, the stores in the area with the most history, the way the place has changed for the better or worse over the years.

Customers will see you for the local company that you are, and their shared civic price may help them select you and stick around for the long term. A lot of companies are proud of where they’re from. Don’t be shy — do it with feeling.

8. Explain Your Quoting and Pricing Model

This is another one that is a great public service to customers. If it’s not already listed in detail on your website, take the time to write it out in a blog post. Helping the customer understand the process of pricing and what it is they’re paying for will help them make a buying decision.

The more transparent and accurate your pricing model is, the easier it is for customers to decide to book with you.

Bonus Idea

Looking at each of the ideas above, each of them could, in fact, be a full series of articles. Write about multiple neighborhoods, multiple team members, and multiple ways to tidy one’s home. If you create a series for each of the ideas above, you’ll have enough content for years of publishing.

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