How AI (Artifical Intelligence) Can Help You Get More Moving Leads

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades but it was not until recently when people have started to really appreciate its uses and benefits. Intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, Google Assistant, and other forms of AI have no doubt made significant contributions to the success of companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google.

To help predict the trends in the moving industry, we only need to look at how other industries are benefiting from artificial intelligence, now. More and more entrepreneurs are integrating this technology with their lead generation efforts.

Humans Still Matter

While AI may not completely eliminate human intervention in lead generation, it can greatly improve brand awareness and communication – two of the major factors that result in successful lead generation.

In what ways is AI revolutionizing how you can generate and close moving leads?

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Chatbots Can Nurture Moving Leads

Lead nurturing is a process that involves obtaining additional information from prospects to help you generate a quote, send offers and follow-up sequences.

Without AI, marketers nurture leads by personally messaging each potential customer, sending bulk emails after email validation, or with email segmentation. Now, AI makes the process so much quicker and easier with tools like chatbots.

In fact, some chatbots already work so well that in a number of industries, customers say they prefer the bots. What makes customers prefer chatbots over human interaction? It’s the response time. They can expect a real-time answer to their queries. It is also a very helpful tool for getting info out about the latest company offers, discount coupons, rewards, etc.

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They Save Time and They’re Accurate

But can chatbots create meaningful conversations? While a bot cannot empathize with a person’s experience (yet?), it can create a meaningful buying experience for customers. They do so by offering valuable product recommendations and giving customers a complete list of their options. With human interactions, the full range of options might never make it into the conversation. The risk is that the customer could be underinformed when making their buying decision.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is in the heart of any online marketing strategy, most especially lead generation. AI can give marketers an edge by helping them understand their leads.

AI can dig deeper into data, such as visuals on social media to analyze patterns in behavior (including hobbies and interests) of prospective customers. It can hunt information from thousands of images on social media, extracting information from them.

The advantage of crawling massive datasets to spot trends might be a bit advanced for a moving company, presently. But it’s easy to imagine a future where you do. For example, the ability to target your campaigns based on actions people take online. What if you could buy ad impressions with people who have posted on social media that they are packing boxes?

Capturing Leads

A well-designed lead distribution system allows companies to assign their leads to their sales team. As leads can have many sources (online booking form, phone, email, social media, chat, etc.), the system captures all leads without any leakage.

The integration of AI in lead distribution allows companies to get the right lead to the right estimator in a matter of seconds. Aside from capturing leads, it can also automate feedback requests.

Customer Support

Retaining customers is more difficult than obtaining customers. That is why companies pay extra attention to providing quality customer support.

Currently, AI is being deployed in customer service to augment (and even replace) human agents. In fact, by 2020, 80% of all customer service interaction is expected to be handled by AI. Artificial intelligence can be used to slash customer handling time, provide support 24/7, solve user problems, process orders, and so much more. Great examples of AI applications in customer support are AI-augmented messaging, AI-organized email inquiries, and AI-enhanced customer phone calls.

Qualifying Moving Leads

With little human intervention, AI can obtain links for many sources, including companies, firms, and regions on the internet. In addition to sourcing leads, AI can also be used to recommend products and provide valuable information to leads, therefore generating more qualified prospects (those who are highly interested or in need of such products).

For examples of this, see tools like Clearbit and Detective.

Customer Engagement

Because AI can respond to customers instantly, it can significantly boost customer engagement – a powerful way to generate leads. When it comes to customer experience, AI is a game-changer for facilitating processes like data unification, real-time insights delivery, and business context. For example, it can deliver results by being able to distinguish between a plain email and a marketing campaign.

Additionally, chatbots have greatly revolutionized the way companies interact with customers. With a well-designed chatbot, a business can improve customer relations while saving costs.

The Bottom Line

AI is no doubt shaping the future of businesses – big or small. Research has shown that artificial intelligence can help a company increase their leads by 50%. From nurturing leads to analyzing data, capturing and qualifying leads, providing customer support, and driving engagement, AI has done so many things that businesses thought impossible before. When properly integrated with your marketing strategy, AI can take your business to new heights.

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