The Cloud as the Heart of Your Multi-Location Business

Many successful companies are moving away from an employment model that keeps all of their professionals on-site, choosing instead to let them come and go at will. The current economic climate has spurred downsizings, the creation of virtual locations, and a need for a scaled-down and flexible workforce. While these changes often help a company stay afloat, they can pose communication issues.

It’s true that better video conferencing and networking technologies have hinged companies and their employees together. But many of these approaches provide only short-term remedies, and don’t fill the vital gap that keeps a company thriving despite distance and downsizing.

Internal uniformity in software-as-a-service solutions like Vonigo helps to streamline your business so you can spend more time actually using electronic tools instead of updating them. With a centrally-hosted solution, there are no worries about lags, redundancy, incompatibility, or inefficiency. Vonigo provides businesses with a compilation of all the activities and transactions going on in your business at each location. This makes staying current a straightforward affair–saving you time and money. When you want to cross-check data or compare reports, you can do so in an instant.

Clear communication is a must for any company, but it’s especially important for those that are spread out and often working onsite with clients. Cloud-based access to employees and data eliminates the delays in contact between multiple locations. Sending documents through email is faster than sending physical copies, but it isn’t automatic–there still needs to be a human being at the other end of the line, processing and sending out responses. A range of new applications have been developed to get around this repetition, like Dropbox and Evernote, but these applications leave out some useful features like the simple production and comparison of invoices or other operational functions.

Even services that provide invoicing capabilities tend to have a narrow focus, like Freshbooks, Zoho, or single site businesses like SimplifyThis. These services facilitate sales and bookkeeping, but not necessarily operations management and communication across a multi-site business.

With Vonigo, all you need is a tablet and internet access to create easy-to-understand, vivid juxtapositions of information about each location in your business. Find out when and where services are scheduled, see how branches are planning their activities, and track down invoices with ease. What’s more, you can keep information where it belongs: Vonigo contains extensive internal permissions controls, allowing you to make sure the right information stays in the hands (or screens) of the right people.

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