SEO for Franchises: Benefits of Location Landing Pages

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Search engines like Google use various signals to rank the relevance of business to a localized search, intent on providing an accurate listing for the users. This ranking is based on the visibility of your page through a mobile device, web searches, and apps.

When you’re handling SEO for franchises, having a location landing page can attract more consumers to your business locations and provide a visibility boost for third-party websites like Google.

Increased visibility will boost your business and promote other searchers to see your business as well, resulting in greater in-store visits.

A successful strategy requires a local SEO landing page to incorporate all the necessary components to ensure it reaches a greater number of local searchers using their mobile devices and to provide the most accurate and relevant information to your customers.

What is a Location Page?

A local landing page is a web page that uses location-specific SEO strategies to attract customers.
This is the part of your website that is used to represent real-world locations, linking searchers to the nearest locations when visiting your website.

Location pages use unique information and characteristics about locations with search engines to rank search results.

While Google My Business pages and other listings act as sources for customers to use, a location landing page is featured on your website. This means it’s on your site and each local landing page has its own URL and can be indexed by Google.

  • These pages rank in traditional organic search for localized searchers, not with Google Map Pack
  • Use individual location pages to identify different business locations through separate Google listings
  • The content on these pages should be specific to the geographical area of the business, with each location having its own page

What are the Benefits of Location Landing Pages?

SEO location pages can benefit your business by helping customers find your nearest location and encouraging them to complete in-person visits.

The main benefit is the increased authority on Google. With a page for each location, the business is telling Google that it has more authority about your areas.

The improved search engine results link your websites in a way other pages like Google Map Pack cannot.

What Should My Location Landing Page Include?

Many businesses may wonder how to create content for local landing pages for SEO to improve their online rankings and increase their location search results.

The key is to understand your target customer audience. Provide a variety of content that could answer any questions a customer may have.

You can also create new revenue opportunities for your locations by optimizing technical SEO elements and creating new content. Research what Google users are looking for. Connect them with the information they want to find new opportunities to generate traffic, leads, and revenue to your sites.

Each location landing page should include:

  • Your business’s name, address, phone number (visible in the header and footer)
  • All of the contact information for each separate location to ensure searchers do not confuse or miss locations

Optimize Your Location Pages

Using relevant keywords within page titles, headlines, and other content is a great way to win more search traffic. Specific keywords or phrases should be relevant to your business and refined and researched to guarantee optimal results.

Ideal keywords will relate to what sets your business apart and highlights the business’s key attributes. This will separate your location landing page from your competitors. Place geographical keywords within content or headlines to promote specific locations and regions.

Maps can be another way to highlight a location and an excellent addition to a location landing page. They improve your search engine results and help customers pinpoint your business location. Maps also raise the rank of a webpage and its visibility on Google.

This information should all align, and all location data should be consistent. Having strong content and positive reviews from past customers provides authority and credibility.

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