Get More Plumbing Leads with Video Marketing (Infographic)

Getting new plumbing leads can be challenging and competitive. Increasingly, the arena for that competition is in the search engines. Plumbing companies use to rule the high profile display ads in telephone directories, and now they live and die by search engine optimization (SEO).

One way to help give your search results a boost and to help convert customers is by using video marketing. In a world where potential customers have the power to find, evaluate, and even book with your company online, a tactic like video marketing can help you differentiate your company.

Why Video Marketing?

As the infographic below indicates, video marketing is on the rise. Some choice stats pulled from the graphic:

  • 78% of US internet users watch videos online
  • Video in social media marketing increases sharing by 10 times
  • From 2015-2017, video ad spending in the US increased by 67%
  • Shorter videos (30 sec) have 89% higher conversion
  • 70% of Youtube videos come from mobile
  • 73% of customers are more likely to buy after watching a product video

How Can Video Marketing Help Get More Plumbing Leads?

In three ways:

1. Potential customers could be searching for help with a plumbing problem, attempting to troubleshoot or assess a situation they are having. Your videos could be the search results that satisfy their search query, giving you a captive audience and giving them a top-of-mind awareness of your company.

2. The presence of videos on your website can help it win the search battle. When you share relevant information on your website, including video, you are more likely to rank above your competitors in a search.

3. The videos on your site can help convert that search traffic into customers. Offering a friendly face, a helpful explanation and a service promise in a video can help customers feel more comfortable choosing your company to do business with.

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Video Marketing, an Infographic

Here’s the full infographic on 127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing, from Websitebuilder:

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How to Get Started

Think about the level of budget you have to invest in video marketing. You don’t have to invest too much — in the right circumstances, a well-planned video made with just a smartphone camera can win the hearts and minds of potential customers.

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