How Moving Company Software Helps Firefighter-Owned First Due Movers

First Due Movers is a moving company based in the state of Washington that brings the work ethic and values of firefighters to the moving industry. Here’s how they’ve grown, with the help of moving company software.

A Firehouse Idea Becomes a Company

Back in 2009, the three Co-founders of First Due Movers were sitting in a fire station, chatting about their bad experiences with moving companies. They talked about the lack of professionalism, and how a culture of apathy has become the image of the industry.

They decided to start a moving company based on the work ethic, pride, and trust that are the backbone of the Fire Service. The partners agreed their idea would not only be welcomed, but highly successful in an industry starved for standards.

Proud Traditions and Humble Beginnings

“Our first ‘office’ was a 10’x10’ storage unit and our first truck was rented,” says retired 30-year Fire Service veteran and Co-founder Jim Smith. Even in the early days though, they held firm to their brand values. “We set high expectations for ourselves and hold our employees to the same rigorous standards.”

In the eight years since that first conversation in the fire station, they’ve seen considerable growth. “We have a real office and a fleet of our own trucks these days,” says Co-founder (and active firefighter) Joe Lindsay. “But we haven’t lost the passion or dedication to the quality of service that got us here.”

Firefighter Owned and Operated

For First Due Movers, it is more than a motto. They hold it up as a guarantee that the Fire Service traditions of attention to detail, professionalism, and “Firemanship” will be instilled into all members of their organization.

Not all of their team are active or former firefighters, but they all operate with the same set of values. And it pays off. Their unique brand and their uncompromising standards for training and service lead to a lot of word-of-mouth and personal referrals. “Customers appreciate our mission to revolutionize the way people view the moving industry,” says Smith.

“Helping a family to San Francisco is now as easy as helping a family to Sammamish, says Co-founder and active firefighter Jeff Drozdowski. “What hasn’t changed is the emphasis we put on attention to detail and our commitment to making your move easy — stress-free.”

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Expansion, Automation, and Moving Company Software

With the company’s growth has come the need for better tools. Electronic tablets have replaced pens and notepads. Scheduling, quoting and communications are now handled by Vonigo’s moving company software.

50% More Efficient Scheduling and More Profit

“We began using Vonigo to streamline and organize nearly every process of our business,” says Drozdowski. Scheduling, quoting, internal and external communication — we’ve eliminated paperwork,” he adds. “In our scheduling alone, we have become 50% more efficient. That kind of savings makes us more profitable.”

From an idea in a fire station to a 7-days-a-week operation, FDM’s core values are revolutionizing the way people think about moving. We’re proud to help play a small part in their professional image and customer service success.

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