Field Service Software: 10 Tips to Increase Online Job Scheduling

As a key feature of field service software, online scheduling is a great way to make your business function more efficiently. Customers save time when they book appointments online, and you can devote resources to other business needs.

Online scheduling enables customers to conveniently view and choose from available appointment times. They can also add special instructions to their job order.

Online scheduling is a fast and easy way to reduce the time your employees and customers spend on the phone, and offer customers more choice. A mobile-optimized website does even better. It allows customers to book appointments on the go, when they’re away from their computers. It could mean you access a whole new customer base, and a revenue increase as a result.

Follows these 10 tips to increase online job scheduling for your service business:

1. Offer a One-Time Discount or Perk for Scheduling Jobs Online

Create an incentive for customers who use your website to schedule their next service appointment, such as five percent off their next job, or a coffee card from Starbucks.

2. Use Your Voicemail Greeting or Hold Message to Direct People to Online Scheduling

Remind people when they call in that they can schedule an appointment quickly and easily by using you online scheduling tool.

3. Update Email Signatures and Marketing Collateral to Mention Online Scheduling

The more points of contact your customers have that remind them to use online scheduling, the better. Ensure that all your written communications and collateral customers see includes a reminder to use online scheduling.

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4. Mention Online Appointment Scheduling at the Point of Service Delivery

Remind your teams to mention to customers that they can schedule their next appointment online while they are at the job site. If customers come to your location, hang signage or posters that encourages the use of your online scheduling tool.

5. Place the Appointment Scheduling Link in a Prominent Location

In business, as in life, it’s all about location, location, location. Place your appointment scheduling link in a prominent location on your website in order to drive visitors to take action.

6. Reach Out to Past or Inactive Customers in Your Database

Customers who have used your services in the past don’t need an explanation of who you are and what you do. Reach out to past or inactive customers in your database, or recipients of your company newsletter. Encourage them to try online scheduling.

You’ll increase awareness of your scheduling tool, and you may get some of your inactive customers to start using your services again.

7. Confirm Scheduled Appointments Immediately Via Email or Text Message

When customers schedule an appointment online be sure that they receive immediate confirmation with the date, time and nature of their appointment. Customers can be automatically notified and reminded by your field service management software, either through email, text message or both.

Customers will become more comfortable with online scheduling when they see that your online scheduling tool is as responsive and effective as talking to a person.

8. Allow Customers to Schedule Jobs without Logging into Field Service Software

Make it easy for customers to schedule their desired appointment before requiring them to create a user account in your field service management software. Asking for too much contact information up front creates friction. It could even scare off potential leads.

Customers are more likely to stick around if your scheduling tool gives them what they want, before you ask for them for the information you need.

9. Limit Services That Can Be Booked Via The Phone

By placing a limit on the services a customer can choose through the phone you will encourage use of your online scheduling system for routine service appointments. Make online scheduling the preferred method of customer contact by making it the most convenient and most helpful.

10. Write a Blog Post About the Benefits of Online Scheduling

Spell it out for your customers so they know exactly why they should take advantage of online scheduling, and what benefits it will bring them. Use your company blog to list the reasons why online scheduling is the right choice for your customers. Point website visitors to the blog to reinforce the message.

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