Movegreen: A Moving Company Software Success Story

  • September 27, 2016
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Movegreen is an environmentally conscious moving company in California that uses moving company software. It’s a key part of their unique business offering. 

move-green-3It started with one truck and a dream, with the founder operating out of his apartment in Santa Barbara, California in 2007. Now, Movegreen has expanded to two cities, 30 employees and a fleet of 10 trucks. They continue to grow at a rate of over 30% per year. How did they do it?

A Brand with Purpose

“At Movegreen, we aim for customer satisfaction and always try to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations,” says Erik S. Haney, Movegreen Founder and CEO. “We believe our commitment to our customers and our eco-minded approach is behind much of the company’s success.”

In Ventura County and Santa Barbara, that defining niche of eco-mindedness is proving very popular. “Movegreen was created to better serve customers with their relocation and storage with a passion for also doing our part for our environment,” adds Haney. “We operate many hybrid vehicles, plant 10 trees for every move, utilize reusable eco-totes, have paperless quotes and contracts, and many other eco-conscious efforts.”

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It’s a Team Effort

The company, who’s slogan is “Re-think the way you move,” has grown by over 30% each year. In 2014, they doubled in size overnight with a key acquisition of another company in Ventura. But it wasn’t just customers and operating area they acquired in that purchase. “We also gained an amazing group of employees,” remembers Haney. He names one in particular that has been critical to the company’s success. “Charles Munden, who is now our Regional Operations Manager has helped the company with its tremendous growth by implementing training programs, and controlling much of the company’s operations.” That’s an important take-away for businesses on a similar growth trajectory. Training programs and systems go a long way towards offering consistent service to customers. Especially as you expand into multiple cities.


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With a strong team in place, Movegreen is beginning to get used to their rapid pace of growth, and have a clear vision of what’s to come. “We are just a few short months away from growing some more,” says Haney. “The company will be offering services in a new area of California and expanding the brand. Movegreen aims to begin franchising in the near future and offer services all around the United States.” At the current rate of growth and a dedicated focus to company operations, that nationwide expansion seems all but certain.

Moving Company Software’s Role in Their Operations

Movegreen is exactly the kind of success story that Vonigo is proud to be a part of. “Movegreen has grown over 38% in our 9th year of operation. We owe a lot of that to our use of moving company software as it assists us with streamlining our process,” says Haney. He adds that Vonigo is not just useful to their company operations, but also a key part of their brand. “We are now able to offer modern technology with the Vonigo platform and offer our customers a fully integrated and paperless experience, from start to finish.”

In Ventura County or Santa Barbara, and need to relocate some stuff? Get in touch with the team at Movegreen.

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