How Moving Software Changes the Game for Multi-Location Moving Businesses

Your drivers have better things to do than being tied down by administrative tasks. Moving software makes the business side of things more convenient and lets your crews focus on the packing and unpacking of trucks — the stuff you’re paid for.

An Automated, Error-free Future

For your drivers and packers, they need to know where to be and when. The days of hand-scribbling on work orders or the crackly voices of a CB radio are long gone (remember those?).

Give drivers what they want: their pickup and drop-off schedules on one calendar, along with driving directions and any detailed job order info. There’s a lot less room for error with the accuracy of Google Maps at your assistance.

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Scheduling at the Click of a Thumb

For your crews in the trucks, they can view their booked jobs on a mobile app, right on their phone. Their responsibilities are clear, and they can clock in and out of jobs to let the office know how they are progressing and their hours feed automatically into job costing.

Route Optimization: More Moves, More Profit

When you’re making several pickups in a day or plotting your area-wide schedule for the larger trucks in your fleet, it can save a lot of money to take advantage of route optimization. Let the algorithms do the hard work of figuring out how to best maximize your fleet’s travel times.

Online Booking

Nothing ties your company network together like online booking. Let the customer choose the time that works for them, based on your availability. You’ll tap into a new type of customer. You eliminate even more legwork between booking a job and when it’s complete.

Moving Software Replaces Paper (and Messy Spreadsheets)

Remember when your teams were given their daily schedule on paper? (We hope you have to think hard, because it was a while ago). Or how you would email them a rundown of the day’s jobs in a copy-and-pasted spreadsheet. You were left to wonder if they’d even received it until you got an email reply or maybe a text.

So many hours wasted on the heinous crime of inefficiency. With moving software, your teams have a clear breakdown of their day on their mobile device, and you have the confidence that they are on top of things.

With the right moving software in place, much of the dispatch process of years gone by disappears.

It’s replaced with an efficient cloud-based application your whole team can access whether they’re in the office, on-site with a client, or even on vacation.

Updates Don’t Cost Extra Time

Not all moves go according to plan. Sometimes a customer will cancel last minute, or request more services while your team is on the jobsite.

Old way: Send the updates to your team, and sometimes have to get them on the phone to confirm details and communicate changes.

New way: Updates are made in the software, either from the field or the office, and are reflected to everyone on the team.

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You Always Know Which Team is Where

Since your crews clock in and out of each job, your moving software will always be able to tell you which crew is where with GPS baked right in, and you don’t have to interrupt their work to find out.

That way, if the software says they’re still at the site, the job is still active. When they check out, you’ll know they’re on the move again, to the next stop, back to HQ, or home at the end of the day.

Your Customers Get Better Service

If changes need to be made to a crew’s schedule while they are out on a job, those changes are made instantly and reflected in the software. This means they never have to be interrupted when they are at a customer’s home to accept a call.

Your team can complete the work at the customer’s house in a timely fashion with minimal disruption, making for a faster and more pleasurable experience.

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