Franchise Management Software: 5 Mini Case Studies

Overseeing the growth of a franchise is no easy task. For these five franchisors, franchise management software makes it easier. Here are five mini case studies.

Sir Grout – Tile Cleaning and Restoration

Challenge: Sir Grout was in the enviable position of needing a way to cope with the growing demand for their services. They needed a reliable solution for handling centralized call center coordination. They have had to make investments in training and infrastructure to help maintain their brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Solution: “It’s been five years since we adopted Vonigo to gain a technological edge and we’re still light years ahead of our competitors,” says CEO Jeff Gill. “The estimate booking system customers use on our website is easy to navigate and they can use it in real-time. This is essential for running our business. You could try to run it through something like Google Calendar but it wouldn’t give us the capabilities we really need.”

Having franchise management software has implications for their growth of franchisees as well. “Potential franchisees see that Vonigo enables you to run your business almost automatically. Our call center puts the estimates on the calendar, the managers and sales guys check the calendar and get the information they need instantly, the service guys do their job, we collect the money – and no one needs to say a word to coordinate it all. That is a huge selling feature.”

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Men In Kilts -Window Cleaning in the US and Canada

Challenge: As a fast-growing North American window cleaning franchise, Men In Kilts needed a professional approach to their job booking and invoicing. They wanted consistency and proper branding.

Solution: Men In Kilts are able to offer a completely paperless and branded experience  using Vonigo’s franchise management software. Customers are treated to a consistent experience with Men In Kilts branding, and can process credit card payments online right through a simple interface.“We like that it’s convenient for our customers, but best of all it has reduced the time that it takes for invoices to get paid,” says Chris Aconley, Men In Kilts COO. “The easier it is for customers, the better it is for our franchisees and techs in the field. We’ve been paid even before we’ve left the job site.”

Aussie Pet Mobile – Pet Service in 12 Countries

Challenge: With hundreds of locations in 12 countries, Aussie Pet Mobile ranks consistently as the World’s #1 Pet Service Franchise. Their challenge is to make it easy and enjoyable for franchisees to operate their businesses.

“It is absolutely paramount that our franchise owners can be interactive in ‘real-time’ with their front-line staff,” says Richard Avis, CEO of Aussie Pet Mobile Canada. “Appointments, not to mention the general dynamics of operating in a real-time environment, mean that we need to have access to up-to-the-minute information and live data.”

Solution: “We’ve selected Vonigo as our primary client management system for all our international expansion,” says Avis. “Vonigo’s system is multi-leveled and provides a wealth of real-time information to our franchise owners, their staff and of course our corporate operations as well.”

“Vonigo’s system is easily translated into any language and in fact, we’re scheduled to have Vonigo translated into Brazilian Portuguese for our recently awarded Brazilian Master Franchisor. The management team at Vonigo is like a division of our business. They’re eager to assist, understand our business model and add value to the operations and day-to-day activities of Aussie Pet Mobile.”

Velofix – The Fastest Growing Group of Bike “Shops” in the World

Challenge: In just five years, Velofix has grown to over 119 franchisees, and was declared by Entrepreneur Magazine to be the second fastest growing mobile service franchise in North America. With that kind of growth, they needed a management system that would grow along with them.

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Solution: “We estimate that Vonigo’s online booking engine (OBE) has saved us nearly 90% of job booking costs, versus if we had to handle those same job bookings via our Customer Care team,” says Velofix Co-Founder Boris Martin. “Vonigo is able to centralize parameters around how our organization runs, looks and feels. Then it also allows us to customize and create unique instances at a store/franchise level, which is incredibly unique and powerful. This allows us to customize operational features like zones, services offered, time allocations etc to maximize efficiency and profits for each franchise.”

Jiffy Junk – Building the Framework for Nationwide Expansion

waste management softwareChallenge: As their territories expand into several new States, Jiffy Junk knew they had to streamline the process of work order routing as a multi-truck, multi-location operator.

Solution: Jiffy Junk uses Vonigo to manage their local business, and set up new franchisees. “The system has streamlined the company, the call answering process, and the way we handle pricing by area,” says Jiffy Junk Managing Partner Adam Butler. “The address mapping built into it has also reduced error in service address input. It is great that we can quickly and efficiently get jobs booked into the schedule and dispatched right to the iPads on the trucks.”

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