The Easy (Digital) Way to Collect W9 Forms for Services over $500 in the US

  • February 25, 2017
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This article is a guest post from our friends at Whiskey9.

Whiskey9 and SendW9: Simple Cloud Apps to Reduce Paper and Pain

In the United States doing business with any vendor over $500 requires the collection of a W9 form to meet IRS requirements. Contractors are especially used to being asked for their W9 and left with few options but downloading a PDF and faxing it over – not very easy on the go, which most contractors usually are!

SendW9 is a super simple cloud app for contractors that enables you to complete an electronic IRS Form W9 right from your mobile phone and send it to anyone who is asking via email. The service converts the information in the form and the recipient will receive the same PDF they normally see.

Whiskey9 is a companion cloud app for the back office for those making and managing W9 requests. It has two simple features to make collecting form W9 electronically very easy:

Enter a recipient’s name / company and email into the system and they will receive an email via URL to complete their W9 and submit it to you in your dashboard.

Or share via email, on a website or through your registration form a custom link attached to your account name with anyone.

All the W9 forms are securely stored for future access on Whiskey9. Other great features allow an accountant to manage all of their clients under their own separate accounts and multiple users can have different level of access (admin, requestor, view only).

Whiskey9 or SendW9 could help you save time and paper, by removing friction from the W9 process.