5 Types of Video Content Every Service Company Should be Using

This article about how service companies can use video content is by PJ Taei, Founder and President of Uscreen.

PJ Taei

There is a common misconception that sophisticated, modern-day marketing tools like video content are only useful to certain types of businesses. If you run a moving company, for example, what could a video marketing campaign actually do for you?

People already know what you do and why it’s important — you’re responsible for getting all of their essential items from “Point A” to “Point B” in one piece, as safely as possible. What more do you need?

On the one hand, it’s a mentality that does make a certain degree of sense. On the other hand, it’s also one that is flat out incorrect.

Connecting Using Video

Video marketing is such a powerful tool because it’s a way to strike a deep, emotional chord with a target audience – and that’s an idea that doesn’t discriminate based on the type of business you’re running. It’s also an idea that service businesses in particular stand to benefit from – whether you run a moving company or a cleaning company or a junk removal service doesn’t actually matter.

In fact, you’re in an even better position to benefit from video content than most. There are five key types of content in particular that help to prove why.

1. Video Testimonials

When you own and operate a service business, you’re already relying more heavily on emotion than most. After all, a moving company is more than just what it appears on the surface – you’re tasked with keeping all of someone’s precious items safe and sound during a major moment in their life.

Because of that, making video testimonials is a great way to PROVE that you’re up to the task by allowing past satisfied customers to tell their story. These short videos should be about two or three minutes in length and they’re perfect for establishing a sense of trust with the people who may still be on the fence about working with you. These would make a great addition to your landing page, for example.

Here’s a great example of a customer video testimonial:

2. Culture Videos

Another great type of video on demand content your service business should absolutely be experimenting with involves culture videos. If you own a cleaning company, for example, people already have a pretty good idea of what you do in a literal sense. This gives you a chance to show off the personality behind the business – allowing you to come off less like a cold corporate entity and more as an organization of like-minded people who have all dedicated themselves to the same shared goal.

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Whether you film a video that gives people an insight into an average day at work or you take a camera with you to your company picnic, showcase your company culture in two or three-minute videos as often as possible. This would be the perfect type of video content for your “About Us” page, or as part of your job listings.

Here’s an exceptional example of this type of video in action:

3. Q&A Videos

There are probably a lot of common misconceptions about your service industry business. Q&A videos are the perfect chance to not only clear them up but also establish yourself as a true authority in one fell swoop. Here, you’re not selling your brand so much as your knowledge. People have very specific questions, you have very specific answers.

Try to keep each video to about ten or so questions in length and make sure you solicit questions from sources like social media or even your website. Because this is an interactive form of video content, it’s also an essential step towards your ultimate goal of growing an online community, too. These would be great for publishing on your social media channels.

Here’s an example from Renovation Concepts, discussing some of the frequently asked questions about home renovation:

4. “Meet the Team” Videos

People may know what it is that you do — this is the perfect chance to let them see the people who actually do it. If you’re asking people to buy into the fact that you’re an authority and that you have something that your competitors don’t offer, these short three to five-minute “Meet the Team” videos go a long way towards proving it.

They can see the hardworking men and women who have dedicated themselves to offering a service that will legitimately make their lives easier or better. That alone can make all the difference in terms of differentiating yourself from other companies in your industry. These, too, would be perfect for your “About Us” page.

Here’s a great example of this type of video content, about a day in the life of a Grainger employee:

5. Demonstration Videos

Finally, we arrive at demonstration videos — another powerful video content opportunity for service companies just hiding in plain sight.

Let’s continue with the moving company example. It’s one thing for you to say that you can carefully move someone’s precious art collection halfway across the country. It’s another thing to show them HOW. And that’s exactly what these videos are designed to do. Film a five-minute video taking them through the entire process. “Here’s how we wrap the art to protect it from damage during transportation. Here are the types of boxes we use. Here are the safeguards we employ.”

Cover the topic in extreme detail so that people don’t just know WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. Check out this example from A & J’s Removal Services, showing how they clean out a garage on a typical day:

For service businesses, in particular, differentiating yourself from your competitors is always a number one priority. These days, video content is one key way you can do it.

Whether you’re filming content specifically for social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or will host all of the videos on your own website doesn’t actually matter. Create a steady stream of valuable, varied and relevant content and publish it online on a regular basis. Soon your competitors won’t be something you have to worry about any longer.

Instead, they’ll be worried about YOU.

PJ Taei is the founder and president of Uscreen, a video monetization platform that allows creators and business to launch their own OTT platforms, and monetize their content online.

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