72 SEO Stats For 2018, to Help Service Businesses Understand SEO [Infographic]

More and more service businesses are engaging in proven strategies and new techniques to build their brands. As a result, SEO is getting more competitive, especially locally. Even though all search engines have undergone various developments and upgrades over the years, there’s still more to come. To keep pace, you have to stay informed.

Before taking the first step to improving your website’s SEO, you need to realize that it is not about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for potential and existing consumers.

Avoid trying to deceive search engines with fabricated SEO content. It’s a better idea to stay focused on creating top quality content for your customers and website visitors.

DIY, or Hire an Expert

If you’re reading through SEO company reviews in hopes of finding a specialist to help you with search engine optimization, just make sure they aren’t utilizing what is known as “black hat SEO” — or boosting your page rank using unethical methods.

The search engines know a cheat when they crawl one, and they punish the offending sites. Even if your cheat works now, it can cost you dearly in the future. Only top quality content with ethical SEO will rank over the long term.

Why Service Businesses Should Optimize for Search Traffic

Yes, social media can direct some traffic to your website. Still, search engines are the primary way of navigation for most internet users looking for service businesses. The majority of traffic to websites comes through the major commercial search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In addition to making content available to search engines, SEO also helps increase websites’ rankings. The relevant websites appear at the top of the search and are more likely to get the clicks and the bookings.

More than Words: Performance and Media Matter Too

There are many reasons these companies can be at the top of the charts. It can be anything from the amount of time it takes their pages to open, to the SSL security they use.

27% of the top results make use of the more secure prefix, ‘https.’ Another contributing factor could be the implementation of images. 97% of Page One results have at least one image on their homepage.

Commercial search engines are also working towards making sure that SEO fits the growing segment of smartphone users. More and more queries are made by mobile devices so performing a mobile SEO audit could be prudent.

72 SEO Stats for 2018, an Infographic

Service businesses who use SEO tools will have a crucial advantage in visitors and customers. It’s vital that you learn how SEO works if you want to increase bookings and promote your brand.

If you want to get serious about improving your website traffic and are unfamiliar with SEO, you should check out the infographic below. It contains the top SEO trends you need to follow to stay a step ahead in the digital marketing industry.