Vonigo Partners with Route Optimization Software Provider Routific

Routific’s route optimization software rescues you from hours of manual planning. It minimizes windshield time and maximizes the capacity of your fleet with up to 40% shorter routes. View optimized routes on a clickable, interactive map that’s fun and easy to use. Include real-life factors like time windows, stop durations, vehicle capacities, vehicle types, lunch breaks, and more.

Vonigo is proud to announce a partnership with Routific, an industry-leading route optimization software solution that saves service businesses up to 40% on driving time and fuel. Routific’s route optimization software automates and optimizes the route planning and scheduling process, and is trusted by businesses owners, operations managers and software partners around the world.

Route Optimization Software: A Key Tool for Efficiency

“Vonigo’s mission of streamlining operations and optimizing every step in the service delivery process is exactly in line with everything Routific stands for,” says Marc Kuo, founder and CEO of Routific. “Together, Vonigo and Routific are helping service businesses grow.”

Our own co-founder agrees. “Routific helps drive top-line revenue, reduces churn, and has a clear ROI for our clients,” says Vonigo CEO John Carter. “Together, our solution is stronger and better.”

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A “Mobile Suite of Business Solutions”

A shared sense of purpose– helping businesses operate more efficiently– helped foster earnest co-operation and fast-track integration. Routific’s API was integrated quickly and easily into Vonigo’s platform while the Vonigo sales team went to market.

“The feedback has been immensely positive,” Carter said. “Routific helps drive top-line revenue, reduces churn, and has a clear ROI for our clients. We are thrilled to have established a solid and strategic partnership with Routific.”

Send routes to drivers with a single click. Routific’s mobile app is simple and intuitive. Drivers stay on track and have all the information they need to ensure an exceptional delivery experience. Track your drivers’ progress while they’re on the road. Make quick adjustments and re-route instantly. Everyone stays accountable with proof of delivery and signature capture.

Want to learn how route optimization software can help your business’s scheduling and efficiency? Book a free, private demo of Vonigo and we will show you.