How Plumbing Software Helps this Company Earn a Reputation as the “Nice Guy” Plumbers

A focus on friendly, trustworthy service (and a little help from their plumbing software) has helped Tap2Drain Plumbing earn themselves a great reputation in their city of Vancouver.

When Steve and Jennifer Koehler started Tap2Drain plumbing in 2007, they focused on plumbing for new home construction. The financial crisis of 2008 hit the company hard — there was still plenty of work, but profits were hard to come by. That’s when they decided together that it was time to focus on residential service. They wanted to be a company that people can call and feel good about. “We want them to know that we are there to take care of them and not sell them things they don’t need or want,” says Steve. “We’re the nice guys.”

A Family Business

plumbing softwareThe decision to start the business in the first place was a leap of faith for the married team. Jen was a stay at home mom to a new baby boy, while Steve worked. “I have been a plumber since I graduated high school,” says Steve Koehler, Owner and Client Care Manager. “After many long conversations about what we saw as a serious lack of great plumbers giving great customer service, we decided we could do better for clients and Tap2Drain was born.”

Being known as the “nice guy” plumbers means every team member has to buy into the concept. “All of our team actually care,” says Steve. “The techs really want to make sure our clients get the best service and our office team is always ready to make a client smile. I can honestly say that our entire team goes above and beyond every day at every step.”

How Plumbing Software Helps Them Succeed

As part of their exemplary service, they offer customers the option of booking online. “As our business had grown it had become evident that we needed a better, more streamlined way to manage service calls, billing, and dispatch,” says Steve. “Our previous system was overly complicated and didn’t provide accurate reports, leaving us to manually count every dollar.”

They knew there had to be a better way, so they switched to a new software provider. “We LOVE Vonigo for its customization ability and its ease of use. We have customized reports to show us exactly how we need to see our data giving us a powerful tool to move forward. The scheduling and tech dispatching are so easy to use, drag and drop, our old system was nowhere near as easy to use.”

plumbing software

Savings of Time Equals ROI

After the switch to Vonigo, Tap2Drain is experiencing better productivity. “An immediate increase of at least 3-5%,” says Steve. “As we integrate more and more features, up to 10-15%, which is significant when you realize you are getting WAY better organized and overall everyone is spending less time fiddling.”

“Vonigo has taken the guesswork out of knowing how our business is doing,” adds Steve. “We know exactly what our revenue is for the month at a glance — and no more double-booking. Vonigo was easy to implement and the support team ROCKS! Our next step with Vonigo is to use some of the deeper functionality to improve our follow-up and reminders with clients.”

With their plumbing software system in place and their administration constantly improving, Tap2Drain’s plans for the future are clear. “Growth,” states Steve. “We believe everyone deserves to have a plumber they can trust; as soon as they find out about us, they never let us go. We have big plans for our future.”

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