New Job Scheduling Software Feature: Route Capacity Optimization

You asked, and we listened. Now you can easily book your crews more accurately with our job scheduling software, according to their efficiency, using Route Capacity Optimization.

As you grow your business, hiring more crews and expanding with more trucks in your fleet, you begin to realize that not all crews are created equal. Sometimes it’s people skills, sometimes it’s handiwork—and more often than not it’s experience that makes some workers faster than others.


How Does Route Capacity Optimization Work with Your Job Scheduling Software?

We know all of your teams are equal in your eyes. It’s just that sometimes, they aren’t. With route capacity optimization, you can set capacity ratios on your different crews. This way, when a job is booked it optimizes the time they’ll spend.

A two-person field service crew should be able to do a job twice as fast as a one-person crew, and route capacity optimization allows you to configure this logic into every work order that gets scheduled on the calendar.

Now, every day you can weight the amount of jobs based on the efficiency of your crews. Have a couple of faster technicians that get more calls done in a day? Load them up with more calls using the route capacity optimization feature. Conversely, you can lighten the load of new hires or trainee crews until they get their rhythm, and then change the configuration again when they get up to pace.

Having that level of control makes it easier to optimize your day, including travel times, for maximum profitability. Instead of having crews with unneeded downtime or unbalanced schedules, you can better fill their day with billable work.

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