Give to the World Food Program this Holiday Season

  • December 12, 2014
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As we step back from our businesses and take time to enjoy time with our loved ones and friends at holiday celebrations, we enjoy those things that brought us happiness in our childhood: mistletoe, bright lights, a warm fireplace and incredible meals around the dinner table. Turkey, green beans, casseroles, sweet potatoes and all of our holiday favorites are back, polished off with some seasonal egg nog and other treats.

We live in times of plenty. But unfortunately, not everyone will enjoy a holiday meal this season. For some, life will go on as usual. In developing countries, hundreds of millions of people go hungry, including small children.

United Nations World Food Program doesn’t just give food aid to struggling communities in poor parts of the world – it provides the tools to improve food security in a sustainable way through agriculture and supply projects. We hope you’ll join us in giving to the WFP and helping more people celebrate healthy lives around the world.

Donate to the WFP and you can support a cause that helps people, right now:

  • Heroes Fighting Hunger. Monthly donations to help the WFP assist people in emergency situations.
  • Women4Women. Helping women and girls is an effective way to assist entire communities.
  • Watch Hunger Stop. Giving just $5 provides a child with a meal for an entire month.
  • Start Your Own Fundraising Campaign!

This is the season of giving. Help make a difference today.