An Email Marketing Infographic: Turning Prospects into Loyal Customers

Email marketing can be challenging. You know that you’ve created a compelling email, and if people would just open it, you’re sure that they would be quick to take up the offer. But getting them even to open the email is proving a lot more difficult than you thought it might.

Don’t stress, there are some simple tricks that you can use to optimize your campaigns and start seeing better results from day one. You’ll see them summarized in the EveryCloud infographic that we’ve posted below.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Check it out and find out the most common mistakes that marketers make when creating their email campaigns. Here’s a teaser – it has very little to do with the actual wording of the email itself. More important than the actual wording itself is to get the email to the right people on your subscriber list.

Which means putting in extra effort upfront and segmenting your list of subscribers. That way, you’re not sending out emails that are irrelevant for the receiver. And you are increasing your chances of each email hitting a homerun.

You’ll also learn a little more about security awareness training in the form of preventing your emails from landing up in the spam folder.

Strategies You Can Use

Best of all, you’ll learn some simple strategies that are easy to start off with. You’ll find actionable tips that won’t require a huge budget or a lot of time to implement. Get started today and you’ll get a taste of what a truly successful email campaign is really like.

You’ll be able to then replicate the steps for your future campaigns so that you get reliable results over the long term as well.

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