There is a Better Way to Send HVAC Invoices

Handing your customers HVAC invoices on paper is a thing of the past. It’s inefficient, wastes paper and can even send the wrong impression about your business. There is a better way to send HVAC invoices, directly from your HVAC software.

Send HVAC Invoices Instantly When the Job is Complete

When your business is up and running with HVAC software, you can have your techs check in and out of jobs using their smartphone or a tablet. You can also have that check-out result in an invoice being sent immediately to the customer.

Send Invoices Without Paper

Call it e-invoicing or invoicing by email. By whatever name, sending digital invoices is becoming the status quo.

Even the US Federal Government is up on the trend, sending 40% (of a total 19 million invoices per year) of their invoices by email. The US Treasury has even calculated that just by using e-invoicing throughout federal government departments, they would be able to cut costs by 50%, an annual savings of $450 million. Your business may not save quite that much, but the move will be worth it for you in the long run.

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Have Your HVAC Invoices Paid Faster With a Payment Link

Cash flow is king. If you can receive payment faster, you can help mitigate one of the biggest challenges for service businesses. And you can put the money in the bank sooner. By offering customers a link in their email to pay online, the convenience to them will mean faster payment. As the trend of more people making payments by phone continues to grow, your business can reap the benefits. You can even receive payment before your team leaves the site of a job.

Lane Martin, Modern Purair CEO

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why an email-based invoicing system connected to your HVAC software is a wise investment for your business.

“We’re up to 30% online booking, which is huge strategically in our industry,” says Modern Purair CEO Lane Martin. “Nobody else can offer true online booking with instant availability and real truck routing.”

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