Vonigo Growth Program

Advisory services for ambitious service companies

A Tailored Growth Program for Ambitious Service Companies

The Vonigo Growth Program is our flagship one-on-one program for companies ready for the next phase of growth.

By the end of the program, we’ll help you accelerate revenue growth, improve profitability, and achieve levels of customer and employee engagement that will help you build an admired brand.

The program is made for mobile service companies with growth potential and features proven processes, expert advice, and professional resources.

A Proven Approach to Growth

Top service companies want to be at the forefront of their industry. But what happens when it’s evolving every day?

Technology, processes, and industry best practices are changing so fast, Gartner forecasts that by 2020, 10% of emergency field service work will be both triaged and scheduled by artificial intelligence. If that’s not enough, customers expect service companies to adapt faster, offer new services, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

And top companies… they want the same thing. Today’s top service companies want proven strategies for growth and success.

Unfortunately, not all companies can keep up with today’s ever-changing demands.

That’s why we created the Vonigo Growth Program - to help service companies committed to accelerating growth and achieving their vision.

At Elite we have huge goals. From the moment we had our first conversation with Rhys we knew he was the right guy to help us get there. In the time that we've worked together he has helped us define our culture, tell our story, build our first budget and grow faster. You'd be crazy not to hire him.

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Your Advisor

Rhys Green

During my career I have had the opportunity to work with, advise, consult and speak to 100’s of business leaders. The ones that build amazing businesses share these four things:

  1. Have a good strategy (doesn’t have to be great)
  2. Execute relentlessly
  3. Acquire and retain the very best people
  4. Focus their whole business around their customers
Rhys Green

So that’s what I work on both in the businesses I own and with my clients.

Throughout my career, I have:

Grown Revenue

  • 72% growth The average year-over-year revenue growth during my tenure with an organisation both as a consultant and employee.

Lead teams from 5 - 700+

  • Frontline Service Delivery
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations and Analytics
  • Quality Assurance and Process Improvement
  • Training and Process Development
  • Field Operations and Support


  • Senior leader in team that took business from $0-$24m in 4 years
  • Won franchise of the year in hyper growth organisation
  • Started and successfully sold coworking space in Brisbane Australia

The Outcomes

If you run an ambitious service business with at least $1MM in annual revenue, and aspire to accelerate growth, this enriched program helps you to:

  • Prepare yourself and your business for the next level
  • Get advice from an executive advisor with extensive leadership and growth management experience in the field service industry
  • Identify and pursue the best avenues for growth
  • Align, plan, and execute your growth strategy
  • Achieve measurable (and sustainable) improvement in the performance of all your core functions:
and Admin
(People and Culture)
Customer Experience
  • Build your skills so you and your team can pursue growth on your own
  • Drive even greater growth with access to the Vonigo network, including our partners and resources
  • And more!

I engaged Rhys to help build out our customer success program and to support me as I develop as a leader. His insight and commitment to my success meant we moved our business forward very quickly. He helped us refocus our energy in the right places and we quickly saw the financial results.

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The Experience

We focus on delivering the highest amount of impact as efficiently as possible. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve streamlined a one-on-one program that cuts straight to how we can help your company accelerate growth, improve profitability, and increase customer and employee engagement.

We tailor and adjust the latest proven approaches to your business to ensure results are achieved. There are times to do something completely different and times to use what you know works. We will help you ride that line to ensure your business stays yours and becomes the best version of itself.

When you join the Vonigo Growth Program, we’ll help deliver those objectives through four key pillars:


We'll pop the hood and see what needs work. We’ll outline a detailed plan that's tailored to your unique business needs and goals. Think candor in the truest sense of the word. Every part of your business will be looked at through fresh, experienced eyes.

Goal Setting

This is your business, we're just guests in it. Together we'll review the plan and make sure you're comfortable with it. Once we have a plan we both like, we move onto the next phase.


This is where we get hands on and it's a large part of the reason we call this a partnership. We're here to make you a hero, not the other way around. So we'll get into your business and help you and your team execute on the plan we've built together.


Growth is a continuous process, which is why the program goes beyond execution. While the bulk of the work will be done in 3-9 months, we will stick around to help make sure the results happen. As with most things in business it will take time to see the full payoff and sometimes your changes won't quite stick. We’ll stay actively involved with you to help you along the way.

We hired Rhys when our business was having its worst year in the last 5. We felt stuck and weren't sure where to go next. His expertise and energy helped reinvigorate our belief in ourselves and put our business in a better position than it's ever been.

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