Dos And Don’ts Of Advanced Email Marketing (Infographic)

It is one of the most common methods of advertising. It’s easy, cost-effective, and through it, companies can reach a huge number of potential customers. Below is an infographic that features some advanced email marketing tips and techniques.

Advanced Email Marketing

Ever since the first mass email was sent in 1978, many companies have been using email marketing to promote their products and services.

As it is with almost every marketing strategy, there are many things you need to do correctly to achieve the best results. The following paragraphs contain several dos and don’ts about email marketing.

Subject Line

Let’s take a look at the thing that catches the eye of the email recipient first: the subject line.

One thing you should do is keep it short. It is known that subject lines with around 50 characters work the best. In fact, as a study of 200 million emails shows, the subject lines with 28-39 characters have the highest click rate.

Another good thing is using the word “alert”. It is found that is has a positive impact as it increases email opens by 61.8%.
On the other hand, a few things that you shouldn’t do is use baits with inaccurate information or false promises, or use the words such as “miss” or “deals” which are found to decrease open rates by 4.8%.

Preheader Text

Another important aspect of an email is the preheader text. It is essential to start your message with an engaging headline. Leaving it empty or repeating yourself is disastrous.
A case study showed that proper preheader results in a 96% lift in revenue per email which is an astonishingly high percentage.

Sender’s Name

A dedicated email address is the fourth most important trust factor for consumers. This shows the importance of the sender’s name.

Your “from” name needs to be similar to your “from” email address so that the open rate is increased. A thing to avoid is using a no-reply address, which is known to decrease the response rates and the overall deliverability.

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