Shack Shine

With plans to scale their business through franchising, Shack Shine needed an integrated solution to meet demand.


Administrative Costs

were reduced by 20% with Vonigo.


Sales Conversions

increased 10% with mobile access.

- 1 hr


has been reduced by one hour per day per person.

The story:

Shack Shine offers gutter cleaning, house washing and pressure washing services for residential and commercial sectors, helping maintain properties in good condition. David Notte is a Top 40 Under 40 business leader as recognized by Business in Vancouver, with plenty of entrepreneurial experience under his belt already with a successful commercial painting company. He is also part of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a global business network with more than 10,000 members, which inspires members to achieve better business success.

With that support and extensive industry knowledge, David Notte set up Shack Shine with a credo of focusing on the customer’s experience: “keep it easy, quick, consistent and enjoyable.” Maintaining a high level of customer service is a challenge. Still, Notte knew that in a crowded and competitive service sector, having an integrated business technology solution was going to be the key to success.

“I knew I was going to launch a franchise system that would have to integrate a call center, sales center and routing calls to my service people,” Notte says. “There was no way we could get away with using different apps like Excel or Google Calendar and trying to string them together. We needed an integrated solution to start up this business in a way that it could scale up when needed.”

When Notte discovered that the highly successful BC-based franchise You Move Me was using an online management system developed by Vonigo, he was instantly keen on the solution. “We had many questions, but we’ve been extremely impressed with the support they’ve given us,” Notte says. “Training employees up on the system has been fairly straightforward and implementation went really well overall.”

By the spring of 2014, Shack Shine was launched – and since then, they’ve already seen excellent results from using Vonigo.

The benefits:
Seamless Work Orders and Dispatch.

“This is the only CRM I know of that integrates the routing process so seamlessly into the booking process. As you’re scheduling your trucks and determining where they're going day to day you’ve got the work order done in an integrated solution.”

Employees Get Up to Speed Fast.

“Thanks to a very user-friendly reporting interface, this is one of the easiest to use customer relationship management tools out there. Once you understand the logic behind it, the system just makes sense.”

Streamlined Marketing Budget.

“We’re really seeing great results in budgeting out marketing. The reporting features make it easy to see where we’re generating a return from our marketing campaigns and which services are getting the most traction. That way, we can constantly improve our marketing ROI.”