You Move Me

Managing a 50% annual growth rate required the right system, which You Move Me found in Vonigo.


Online Revenue

increased 485% with real-time booking.


Administrative Time

saved by Josh per week.


Net Profit

increased 3% because of enhanced reporting.

The story:

You Move Me is not just an ordinary moving company. This innovative company provides customer service that helps to make moving a positive experience. They’re known for their on-time service with a smile, friendly and uniformed movers, special care when transporting their customers’ possessions from one home to the next and even extras like bringing you coffee on moving day. The company’s dynamic and welcoming brand has helped it grow rapidly, with new franchises opening up all over North America.

Back in You Move Me’s startup phase, the company needed a business solution that could handle key processes like customer relationship management, invoicing, reporting, scheduling and more, says Franchise Owner Josh Herron. “We had Excel spreadsheets and other systems, but we didn’t have an overall professional solution that was integrated. A solution that would put all of the capabilities we needed under one umbrella was essential if the company was going to scale up.”

The company’s first attempt to find a program that could handle their needs was a dismal failure. “The software we used before was terrible,” Herron says. “It didn’t do what we needed it to do and it was hard to use.”

They were aware of Vonigo’s capabilities thanks to a personal connection and requested a demonstration. A quick tutorial was all it took to convince You Move Me to make the move to Vonigo. “It was very easy to implement,” Herron says. “They molded the system to do whatever we needed to do and we hammered out a completely functional system in just a week!” After implementing Vonigo, You Move Me has seen major benefits for their business.

The benefits:
Seamless business growth.

“When we started using Vonigo, we had just three trucks and 11 employees. We weren’t using many features at that time. Now we have over 30 employees and more trucks and we find that no matter how big we grow, Vonigo can grow with us. I can’t imagine running our business without it!”

Administrative cost savings.

“Vonigo’s invoicing functionality alone saves me days out of my year.” Being able to generate quotes instantly and handle billing onsite saves accounting time.

Boosting the brand, boosting revenue.

“It’s such a professional system – and customers see that. Just being able to sign with their finger and go paperless impresses them and gives us legitimacy.” That memorable and positive customer experience has helped You Move Me increase revenue through referrals.