ServiceMaster by Reid

A source of unexpected growth was discovered after per job revenue increased by 65% with Vonigo's online booking engine.


Per Job Revenue

increased 65% with online booking.


Website Bookings

increased to 40% of total revenue.


Operating Hours

were expanded to 24/7 with online booking.

The story:

ServiceMaster by Reid is a leader in fire and water restoration in the Jackson Metro Area of Mississippi. Owner and Operator Scott Reid’s team is on call 24/7, all year long, offering quick-response in case of an emergency.

Some firms in direct competition with ServiceMaster by Reid had already begun to boost their online presence and customer service. To stay in business, the company had to up the ante by offering a better online experience.

“It’s not enough to have a website and do online marketing through Yellow Pages anymore,” Reid says. “The traditional way of doing business is out. Convenience is key; some customers don’t even want to make a phone call. They just want to see service options online, get a quote and book it. We needed to give them what they wanted.”

After getting referrals from other service companies already using Vonigo, Reid opted to go with their software to truly connect his company’s website with his customers.

Vonigo didn’t just make it easier for customers to book service. It also boosted efficiency for Reid’s technicians. They are now able to check their work orders, provide estimates and invoices using their mobile devices right on-site. “It’s a lot more efficient with customers booking online,” Reid says. “It’s like the customers are creating the invoice for you. The service technician can just show up and focus on the job at hand while the customer really does all of the heavy lifting of administration through Vonigo’s easy-to-use system.”

ServiceMaster by Reid’s team was hoping for good results from their new system, but already Vonigo is exceeding expectations.

The benefits:
65 percent higher billing per job.

"When customers go online, they can see all options at once and easily select the services they want. We used to have to list off all of our different services over the phone, which took too long, so customers would opt for fewer services."

35 to 40 percent of customers booking service online – and growing.

This is a major increase in online bookings prior to switching to Vonigo.

Administrative savings.

ServiceMaster by Reid doesn’t need to invest in larger call center infrastructure because Vonigo handles a significant percentage of customer bookings online, which reduces administrative costs.

Increased customer base.

"We're capturing the niche that only wants to book online and wants an easy way to do it."