After disappointments with two other applications, Modern PURAIR hit the mark with Vonigo.


Website Bookings

increased to 40% of total revenue with online booking.


Labor Costs

were reduced by 25% with Vonigo.


Franchise Locations

benefiting from Vonigo.

The story:

Modern PURAIR is Western Canada’s largest air quality company. They offer a full range of related services, from furnace and air duct cleaning and air quality testing to dryer vent cleaning and more. With accumulations of dust, allergens and other pollutants, the air in your home can be considerably dirtier than the air outdoors, leading to bad smells, health issues, increased energy costs and other problems. Their fast, customer-friendly solutions help residents, commercial building managers and hospital staff deal with these challenges.

The founders behind Modern PURAIR knew that they needed a robust, scalable business software system to run and grow their business through multiple locations. Their initial attempts only underscored the challenge of finding the right vendor. "We invested in two service-based software systems prior to Vonigo that both let us down in different ways," says Co-founder Lane Martin. “The first one overpromised and underdelivered. That was a costly, $25,000 business mistake." The second system they used seemed to have the right mix of capabilities at first, but could not meet their needs longer-term. "We outgrew it in 10 months, to the point where we couldn’t even use it anymore."

Burnt twice, Modern PURAIR cautiously sought out a better solution. A few years ago they saw that Vonigo was in beta, field-testing their promising system with a number of early adopters – which was a benefit. "The timing couldn’t have been better," Martin says. "We knew they could offer to help build a system that was a template for our business. Besides, we were already outgrowing our last software provider. Even better, the founders of Vonigo were themselves highly recommended in the franchise world. Vonigo Co-founder Roman Azbel was well-known from his successful work as VP of Technology when he’d helped 1-800-GOT-JUNK? become what it is today."

Modern PURAIR went with Vonigo and their third and final foray into online business operating software got them the results they wanted.

The benefits:
Easy online booking for customers boosts sales.

"This self-serve model just works. Customers see their options and can book a time that’s convenient for them – so they're more likely just to schedule it directly than if they had to call in."

Business operations are seamless between multiple locations.

"We're operating with existing franchise partners in a much more effective way, cutting administrative costs and boosting productivity. The system scales seamlessly!"

Complex, time-wasting administrative functions become simplified.

"The royalty reporting function alone has saved significant staff time."

A key marketing differentiator.

"Vonigo has had a massive impact on our brand. Compared to our competitors, we're able to present more professional, customer-friendly service offerings."